Top Most Gorgeous Beaches in Slovenia

1. Moon Bay Beach, 2. Bele Skale Beach, 3. San Simon, 4. Lazaret Beach, 5. Svetilnik Beach, 6. Portoroz Central Beach. Slovenia is a beautiful country in the south of Europe. It is one of Europe's most popular tourist attractions. Slovenia, which is nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, is a great location for people who enjoy the sea and its crystal clear waters. The most stunning beaches in Slovenia are listed here.

  1. Moon Bay Beach
  2. Bele Skale Beach
  3. San Simon
  4. Lazaret Beach
  5. Svetilnik Beach
  6. Portoroz Central Beach

Moon Bay Beach

Moon Bay Beach, located in Strunjan Natural Park, is by far Slovenia’s greatest beach. It is a popular destination for both residents and visitors due to its pure natural beauty and crystal blue seas. Furthermore, Moon Bay Beach is just far enough away from civilization to never be overcrowded.

You’ll fall in love with this pristine piece of Slovenian riviera, with its beautiful pebble beach, crystal blue waves, and imposing rock rising above it. Follow this handy guide we’ve created to assist you in finding this hidden gem.

The excursion began with a 15-minute walk uphill from the main parking lot at the Strunjan nature reserve. A nicely indicated trail leads to Moon Bay Beach from the top of the cliffs (fairly easy route with steps). A lovely pebble beach with few people, and by far the most picturesque beach I’ve seen on Slovenia’s short coast.

The Moon Bay is located in the Strunjan Nature Park on the Adriatic Sea’s Slovene shore. It is regarded as a biodiversity hotspot. The water is very clean and simple to swim in. This wild beach is the perfect option for anybody looking for a calm, tranquil, and unspoiled beach.

• Location: Strunjan Natural Park

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia

Bele Skale Beach

Bele Skale beach is located on the other side of Cape Ronek, just around the corner from Moon Bay (white rocks). Bele Skale beach is as gorgeous and comparable to Moon Bay beach, with one major exception: unlike Moon Bay, boat anchoring is permitted in Bele Skale.This makes Bele Skale a popular boating spot, and arriving by boat is a fantastic summer trip. This beach is more busier, and you’ll frequently hear music from boat parties.

(Wild) and free are the nicest things in life. Like the Bele Skale beach, which is wild and free and where everyone may find a peaceful spot to themselves. To reach there, take the narrow trail that leads to Cape Ronek. There is nothing more to it than calm, a wonderful view of the town in the distance, and the sound of splashing waves. Under the shrubs, you can find shade or make your own makeshift canopy out of driftwood and beach towels.

The closest parking lot is located at the base of the Belvedere hill. The beach is part of the Strunjan Landscape Park’s protected area. Please do not litter! Couples in love, nature lovers, bookworms, and nudists will all enjoy the beach.

• Location: Cape Ronek

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia

San Simon

The most popular beach is San Simon, or rather the Simon bay, which attracts a large number of bathers during the summer. The beach features a sandy bay, the ruins of a Roman house, a beach volleyball field, and Slovenia’s last waterslide. The swimming area is surrounded by green meadows, pine trees, and acacias, which give sun protection. For individuals who want to spend their free time actively, there is also a multi-purpose sports court.

With a sandy beach, a large grassy area, a jetty excellent for jumping, water slides, beach volley, bars, and even a souvenir shop, it serves well to families and teens. It’s incredibly convenient because there’s a large parking lot just next to the beach.

The closest parking lot is located just adjacent to the beach. San Simon beach is patrolled by lifeguards. There is an ice cream and snack bar. Rentals of sunshades and loungers are offered. Centre for Water Sports.

Children, families, energetic bathers, and youth will enjoy the beach.

• Location: Simon bay

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia

Lazaret Beach

Lazaret beach is a beach near the Italian border on Debeli Rtic (Fate Cape), which is best go-to spot these days. It is handy and only a short drive. It is by far the greatest beach for late evenings because there is still some sun here, and the cape, Debeli Rtic, is a lovely place with endless vineyards and olive trees around the shore.

There used to be a large campground here with dozens of bungalows, restaurants, and other amenities, but this section of the campground has since been abandoned. On the beach, there is still a small bar, a beach volley field, a bocce course, and showers.

All of Slovenia’s beaches are packed with visors throughout the year, but Lazaret beach offers a unique perspective on everything. The city’s leisure hub is Lazaret Beach. On bright days, you’ll notice numerous people lounging beneath umbrellas, some swimming, and some simply enjoying the scenery from the beach. Everything you do on the Lazaret beach will make you forget about your worries for the day.

• Location: Debeli Rtic

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia

Svetilnik Beach

Svetilnik beach reigns supreme among city beaches. Svetilnik is a short walk from Izola’s main plaza; the water is unusually pure, and the beach is large with plenty of shade trees.

A pebble beach, jetties, grassy spaces, a few bars, changing rooms, showers and toilets, and a playground on the beach are all available.

Svetilnik beach is the first of two beaches in Slovenia, located 87 kilometers from the capital, Ljubljana. Svetilnik is a beach in the summer, but it is also a great place to wander and relax in the winter. In the summer, work at a tiny pub where you can cool down.

It is a lovely beach with a variety of amenities. There are bathrooms and showers (not free; 50 cents), as well as a free water fountain and the option to rent sun loungers and umbrellas.

Whether you like to relax on the pavement, the grass (with lots of threes giving shade), or the wooden pier, there’s plenty of room for sunbathing. This is not a sand beach, like many others in Slovenia, but the water is pure. There is also a wooden pier with steps leading into the lake where you may dive from.

• Location: Izola

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia

Portoroz Central Beach

Portoroz is the epicenter of Coastal Slovenia’s hotels and tour operators, as well as a popular beach vacation resort. Portoroz Central Beach is teeming with bars and restaurants, and it has everything a beach resort should have, including crazy parties that linger well into the night.

On Portoroz beach, you’ll discover a unique example of a Slovenian artificial sandy beach with nicely aligned umbrellas and sun loungers. The primary beach in Portoro is approximately 25,000 m2 in size and is separated into grassy and sandy sections.

Located in the Slovenian coast, it is the country’s largest beach. It is also the busiest and most costly location along the whole coast. On the Portoro Central Beach shoreline, there are a variety of restaurants, cafés, and resorts that are always bustling with guests. In the summer, visit close friends on this beach, build sandcastles, soak up the sun, and spend the entire afternoon appreciating the beauty of Portoro Beach.

• Location: Portoroz

top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia
top most gorgeous beaches in slovenia