Top Most Popular Films Starring Park Min-young

1. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018), 2. City Hunter (2011), 3. Healer (2014), 4. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010), 5. The Cat (2011), 6. Remember (2016), 7. Queen for Seven Days (2017), 8. Her Private Life (2019), 9. When The Weather Is Nice (2020), 10. Forecasting Love and Weather (2022). Park Min Young is one of the most attractive and accomplished Korean actors of the 8th generation. Park Min Young has established her place during the course of her fifteen years of employment in the arts. Success is built on persistent effort as well as aesthetic appeal. As a result, she has carried the lead character in several Korean cult movies superbly. Let's with Toplist make a list of The Most Popular Films Starring Park Min-young!

  1. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018)
  2. City Hunter (2011)
  3. Healer (2014)
  4. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
  5. The Cat (2011)
  6. Remember (2016)
  7. Queen for Seven Days (2017)
  8. Her Private Life (2019)
  9. When The Weather Is Nice (2020)
  10. Forecasting Love and Weather (2022)

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018)

The drama “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?” is based on the Jung Kyung Yoon novel of the same name. This time, Park Min Young plays Kim Mi So, a secretary who is both attractive and talented. For nine years, CEO Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) has employed Mi So as his secretary. This did not, however, deter her from requesting leave. Due to Secretary Kim’s rash choice, her manager had to “scratch” for solutions to keep her on staff.

The audience’s favorite screen duo is Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon thanks to their endearing on-screen chemistry. What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? became the best-selling drama of the summer of 2018 thanks to the romance and hilarity between the pompous businessman and the attractive secretary. One of the Korean dramas with the highest cable television viewership numbers in history is Secretary Kim. At the 6th APAN Star Awards, Park Min Young won K-Star, Lead Actress.

Detailed Information:

Release year: 2018

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Romance

Length: 16 episodes, 60 minutes/episode

Directed by: Park Joon-Hwa

Actors: Park Seo-Joon, Park Min-Young, Lee Tae-Hwan, Kim Byung-Ok,…

top most popular films starring park min-young

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?

City Hunter (2011)

City Hunter is Park Min Young’s successful film, in which she co-operates with actor Lee Min Ho. The plot of the movie is around Lee Yoon Sung, a spy who is constantly looking to exact revenge on the politicians who killed his father many years before. He silently carried out his plan while posing as a software and technology specialist employed by the Blue House. He unintentionally runs into Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), a female bodyguard, one day. And as he falls in love with this lovely girl, things start to get more difficult. Moreover, his nickname “City Hunter” was also revealed by the prosecutor Kim Joo Young.

Kim Na-na has been brilliantly portrayed by Park Min Young as an independent, powerful woman. Particularly in the film, Park Min Young has impressive martial arts prowess and works well with actor Lee Min Ho to captivate audiences. 16 percent of Americans watched City Hunter. She wasn’t given any prizes for this movie, but she was nominated in a number of categories and her brilliance was noticed by both the general audience and the critics.

Release year: 2011

Genre: Action, Romance, Romance

Length: 20 episodes

Directed by: Jin Hyuk

Actors: Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Joon Hyuk, Lee Kwang Soo

top most popular films starring park min-young

City Hunter

Healer (2014)

Ji Chang-wook, Park Min-young, and Yoo Ji-tae are the stars of the South Korean television series Healer, which ran from 2014 to 2015. From December 8, 2014, to February 10, 2015, it was broadcast on KBS2. Despite the drama’s poor domestic ratings, it developed a following abroad and helped make Park Min Young known outside of Korea.

Because of the good and sweet pairing, the 2014 film “Healer” with Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook created a “storm” in several Asian nations. Chae Young-shin, played by Park Min Young, is an upbeat, independent internet news journalist who aspires to become a well-known journalist. At the KBS Drama Awards, Park Min Young was named Best Actress in a Drama Series. At the 4th Annual DramaFever Awards and the KBS Drama Awards, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young were named Best Couple.

Release year: 2014

Genre: Romance, Psychological, Action

Directed by: Lee Jung Sub

Actors: Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae, Park Min Young, Do Ji Won, Woo Hee Jin

top most popular films starring park min-young


Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, a drama based on the same novel, tells the tale of Kim Yoon Hee (Park Min Young). Yoon Hee had to pose as her younger brother Kim Yoon Sik to work a lot of jobs to earn money to support her mother and younger brother because her father had died young and her younger brother was always ill. Yoon Hee agreed to take the test in her place, nevertheless, because she owed a lot of money and might have to sell her body as a concubine to cover the loan. Fortunately, she entered Sungkyunkwan. Yoon Hee then made history by becoming the first and only female doctor in the otherwise male-dominated city of Sungkyunkwan.

With a talented cast, the Sungkyunkwan Scandal was a huge success when, after only 10 episodes, the viewership rate surpassed 10%, indicating that the audience is eagerly anticipating the next installment. Sungkyunkwan Scandal is regarded as one of the year’s top historical dramas. Park Min Young earned the Excellence Award for Leading Actress in a Drama Series with this drama at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

Release year: 2010

Genre: Romance, Historical

Directed by: Kim Won Seok

Actors: Park Min Young, Seo Hyo Rim, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In

top most popular films starring park min-young

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

The Cat (2011)

In 2011, the horror film “The cat” was shown. So Yeon (Park Min Young), is a young woman with claustrophobia brought on by stress from her early years. So Yeon unintentionally acquired the cat Bidanyi after the owner of the animal mysteriously passed away one day while she was working at a pet store. Bidanyi was put in her care by her acquaintance Kim Jun Seok, one of the police officers looking into the matter. From this point on, So Yeon begins to experience hallucinations and has a nightmare about a young girl with cat-like eyes. The cat’s owner was captured on camera, and Jun Seok and his coworkers watched the tape. The group came to the conclusion that the woman had died of a panic attack. After then, a string of odd fatalities happened without anyone being able to pin the death on them.

After succeeding with many hit dramas, “The Cat” is Park Min Young’s first movie. This is a Korean horror film directed by Byun Seung Wook. To accurately capture the complicated inner sentiments of the character So Yeon, the actor invested a lot of time in her research. Critics praised Park Min Young’s original and appealing acting in the new film genre.

Genre: Horror

Length: 106 minutes

Directed by: Byun Seung Wook

Actors: Park Min Young, Kim Dong Wook, Kim Ye Ron

top most popular films starring park min-young

The Cat

Remember (2016)

Remember is a South Korean thriller television series starring Park Min-young, Yoo Seung-ho, Park Sung-woong, Namkoong Min, and Jung Hye-sung. The story of Jin Woo, a youngster with Super Memory Syndrome who can recall every detail of what happened, is told in the film Remember. Jin Woo has continued to put in a lot of effort to pursue a legal career because he wants to establish his father’s innocence. However, his father’s Alzheimer’s condition caused him to lose his recollection when the case was retried. Park Min Young plays Lee In Ah, Jin Woo’s friend, in the drama. She collaborated with him to uncover the truth as a fellow law student, and over time, they started to feel something for one another.

Remember is regarded as a TV classic and a talented actress’s priceless “heirloom” film. Park Min Young’s drama was well accepted by fans and developed into a blockbuster worth watching in 2016 with a viewership rating of 16.3% because of her natural, skilled acting and immersion in the human mind.

Release year: 2020

Directed by: Lee Chang Min

Actors: Yoo Seung Ho, Park Min Young, Park Sung Woong

top most popular films starring park min-young


Queen for Seven Days (2017)

A drama called Queen for Seven Days was made based on the real-life romance between Korea Jungjong and Empress Dang Yeong. She is the Princess consort who has served for the fewest number of days (7 days) in Joseon history. The monarch had great faith in Queen Dang Yeong, who was initially the offspring of the most powerful mandarin at the time. She had always imagined living with the man she loved and leading a normal life. She was, however, ultimately entangled in an unfortunate political union.

The role of a strong-willed and upbeat queen caught up in love and the struggle for the throne between two princes, Lee Yeok (played by Yeon Woo Jin) and Lee Yoong (played by Lee Min Young), was skillfully portrayed by Park Min Young. Park Min Young’s return to the small screen after a hiatus is marked by the film. For this performance, the actress took home the Best Popular Artist honor at the Asia Artist Awards. Many spectators were captivated by Park Min Young’s sweet, pure beauty and noble air in “Queen for Seven Days”. Additionally, it causes viewers to shed tears and feel sorry for the unfortunate fate of a beauty.

Release year: 2017

Genre: Historical, Romance

Duration: 20 episodes, 60 minutes/episode

Actors: Park Min Young, Yoo Min Kyu, Yeon Woo Jin, Lee Dong Gun, …

top most popular films starring park min-young

Queen for Seven Days

Her Private Life (2019)

When Park Min Young took part in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and Her Private Life, she proclaimed herself the king of the rom-com type. An employee at an art gallery, Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) is the subject of this film adaptation. She is the owner of a website for Shi Ah fans, and she is a real fangirl. Ryan (Kim Jae Wook), the gallery’s new director, shows up one day. At first, he didn’t care about the people around him, but after finding out that Duk Mi was in charge of a sizable website, he developed a strong interest in her.

The main focus of the movie’s plot is how the two lead characters’ relationship shifts from unjust to loving. One of the elements that help moviegoers unwind and enjoy themselves while watching is humor and cuteness. Park Min Young has demonstrated her exceptional ability to create chemistry with this drama. Viewers could most clearly sense each emotional level of the two lovers with every look and gesture she gave her co-stars. This is where Park Min Young really shines.

Release year: 2019

Genre: Comedy, Romance,

Directed by: Hong Jong-Chan

Actors: Park Min-Young, Kim Jae-Wook, Ahn Bo-Hyun,…

top most popular films starring park min-young

Her Private Life

When The Weather Is Nice (2020)

The subject of the drama When the weather is nice is Hye Won ( Park Min Young), a normal but incredibly kind person. She began her life in Seoul thanks to her cello playing, but she did not have an easy time. Unfavorable employment, emotional manipulation, and loss of faith eventually led her to decide to go back to her homeland. Hye Won encounters Eun Seob, the proprietor of the “Goodnight Bookstore”, there. Although he leads a fairly straightforward life, it has also altered Hye Won.

Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon collaborated on the most recent drama “When the weather is nice” to tell a tale about the regenerative power of love. In contrast to the brisk, upbeat personalities of the past, Mok Hae Won in Park Min Young’s new movie is a different kind of character. The synergy of the two outstanding stars is primarily to blame for the movie’s success in Asia and rise to one of the biggest grossing movies of 2020.

Genre: Psychological, Romance

Directed by: Han Ji Seung

Actor: Park Min Young

top most popular films starring park min-young

When the weather is nice

Forecasting Love and Weather (2022)

Forecasting Love and Weather, Park Min Young’s follow-up film, portrays an office romance tale set in the Korea Meteorological Department. A contemporary female role model, Jin Ha Kyung (played by Park Min Young) is responsible and well-organized. She had a failed love affair at work that was discussed behind her back. Ha Kyung grew distant from her coworkers in an effort to keep her personal life and professional life apart. She met Lee Shi Woo (played by Song Kang), a man with a 150 IQ whose main worry was the weather, one day. During their covert dating at work, the two fell in love. Although he was an “old fox”, Shi Woo believed he was a “good boy”. Ha Kyung is a brave “hunter” who thinks calmly and gently. The love story at work is cute and funny, and it presents the audience with some amusing scenarios.

According to the audience, Forecasting Love and Weather was successful in drawing viewers because it introduced a fresh perspective on the daily lives of meteorologists in Korea. Others, however, believe that the film’s strong narrative and quick filming schedule contribute to its appeal. The movie, which is indisputable due to Park Min Young’s stunning attractiveness, is another. While some viewers complimented “romcom queen” Park Min Young for her strong performance, others critiqued the way she framed the scene. Park Min Young is connected to the idea of an office worker in everything from Secret Fangirl to Secretary Kim to JTBC’s most recent effort. In either case, the film is still well-liked.

Release year: 2022

Genre: Romance, Office love

Actors: Yoo Seung Ho, Park Min Young, Park Sung Woong,

top most popular films starring park min-young

Forecasting Love and Weather