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Top Most Popular Vocaloid Songs of All Time

1. World Is Mine, 2. Senbonzakura, 3. The Lost One Weeping, 4. Just Be Friends, 5. 6 Trillion Years and 1 Night Story, 6. Servant of Evil. Vocaloid is a type of music voicebank that producers use to make music. Over the years, there have been many great Vocaloid songs released to date. Let’s revisit the most popular Vocaloid songs of all time!

  1. World Is Mine
  2. Senbonzakura
  3. The Lost One Weeping
  4. Just Be Friends
  5. 6 Trillion Years and 1 Night Story
  6. Servant of Evil

World Is Mine

When it comes to the most popular Vocaloid songs of all time, it’s impossible not to mention “World Is Mine” – the song that starts the entire Vocaloid craze! Years after its release, this track is still considered as one of Hatsune Miku’s greatest hits and Vocaloid’s massive success.

Let’s wind back the clock a little bit to revisit the history behind this famous song. In essence, “World Is Mine” is a song produced by Ryo, featuring Hatsune Miku – the most popular Vocaloid singer to date. It was released on June 25, 2007 and received instant success both in Japan and across the world.

The song is so popular that it has been used in various commercials and anime, such as “K-ON!” and “Toradora!”. It has also been covered by various artists, which you can visit Youtube for more info.

So what about the plot of the song? “World is Mine” is about a girl who is in love with someone who doesn’t seem to notice her. She sings about how she will do anything for him and how she wishes he would notice her.

This song is sure to tug at your heartstrings and make you feel for the characters. Hatsune Miku’s voice is beautiful and emotive, making this a song you should listen to whenever you feel down.

Year of Release: 2008

Producer: Ryo/Supercell

Youtube Views: 57 million

top most popular vocaloid songs of all time

Source: Youtube


“Senbonzakura” is a masterpiece that we are certain any die-hard Vocaloid fan can remember. It would be a crime to overstep this worldwide hit in our list!

Here is a quick introduction: “Senbonzakura” is a song composed by Kurousa-P and sung by Hatsune Miku (again! She is truly the most popular Vocaloid singer out of the team). It was released on August 25, 2014, and has been viewed over 31 million times on NicoNicoDouga. The song, as its name suggests, is about cherry blossoms scattering in the wind, which resembles the fragility of nature and beauty.

The song starts with a cheerful and vibrant piano solo, before Miku’s voice comes in. Her voice is clear and angelic, and it truly sounds like the wind blowing through the cherry blossoms! The music is also very catchy and easy to sing along to, filled to the brim with bright energy. It’s perfect for dancing and gets listeners to start dancing at the very first listening. No wonder that for years, “Senbonzakura” has been among the songs that Japanese people like to sing the most at karaoke booths.

Overall, “Senbonzakura” is an amazing Vocaloid song. It’s catchy, energetic, and comes with truy mind-blowing lyrics. If you’re looking for a great song to dance to, or just want to listen to something pretty, then this is the perfect choice.

Year of Release: 2014

Producer: Kurousa-P

Youtube View: 45 million

top most popular vocaloid songs of all time

The Lost One Weeping

Of course, when we mention the most popular Vocaloid songs, it’s hard to overskip The Lost One Weeping – a song produced by Neru using Vocaloid Kagamine Rin. Despite not receiving a lot of promotion, it still surged on music charts and brought Neru’s name to another new level. Released in 2013, The Lost One Weeping has been viewed more than ten million times on Youtube and has been featured in various compilations and remixes.

So what is the story in “The Lost One Weeping” about? The song tells the story of a broken hearted boy who is tired of all the pressure life is placing upon him. His study, his love life, and his unsympathetic parents,… everything is stressing him out, to the point that he doesn’t think life is worth living any more.

The lyrics are written in a sad and emotive style, which helps to capture the feeling of loss and despair. Just at first listening, anybody could truly empathize with the feelings that the character goes through, and coupled with Neru’s excellent usage of Kagamine Rin’s voice, the song has reached impeccable depth.

Overall, The Lost One Weeping has been praised for its beautiful melody and touching lyricism. It is one of the most beloved Vocaloid songs ever released, and continues to be enjoyed by fans all over the world.

Year of Release: 2013

Producer: Neru

Youtube Views: 36 million

top most popular vocaloid songs of all time

Source: Vocaloid Wiki

Just Be Friends

Just Be Friends is a famous song by another extremely popular Vocaloid singer, Megurine Luka. Released on December 27, 2009, “Just Be Friends” has since become one of the most popular Vocaloid songs of all time with millions of views on Youtube and become the inspiration for many covers from both professional and amateur artists. You can also see the song appear in lots of popular games and videos, too, which is another living proof of the song’s immense success!

And what is the song “Just Be Friends” about? As you could clearly guess from the title, this song tells the story of a nasty breakup between a boy and a girl, and how the girl determines to stay friends with him despite his clear intention of wanting to reconcile with her.

All in all, Just Be Friends is a touching song that anyone who has gone through a breakup can relate to. Thanks to its cheerful and upbeat melody, you will not feel sad after listening to it; instead, the song will make you feel like breaking up with a bad person is actually a great start for your love life. If you’re looking for a song to help you get through a tough time, this is the one for you.

Year of Release: 2009

Producer: Dixie Flatline

Youtube Views: 13 Million

top most popular vocaloid songs of all time

Source: Amino Apps

6 Trillion Years and 1 Night Story

The song “6 Trillion Years and 1 Night Story” was composed by producer Kemu and posted on YouTube on January 8, 2013.

The song describes “a fable that nobody knows”, centering on an unnamed demon child. He was mistreated by the villagers and always wished simply to become a human. He desires death to come sooner to him, and the boy seems to have absolutely no hopes for the future.

Then, a girl called AI arrived at the jail where people locked him. Although it was illegal to speak out loud in this village, she still asked him his name and said they should go away together. They do so despite not knowing anything about each other. The kid threatens Ai that she will be murdered if they are discovered together, but the girl does not care.

However, the villagers soon catch them, and in his desperation, the boy begs God that everybody in the world – except the girl and himself – would vanish. His dream is ultimately fulfilled.

6 Trillion Years and 1 Night Story has surpassed 6 million YouTube views and joined the Hall of Fame. Years later, the song surpassed 11 million views on NicoNico, making it the 3rd Hall of Fame song without Hatsune Miku as the lead singer, as well as the second track by IA to reach the Hall of Fame.

Producer: Kemu

Youtube Views: 6.9 million

top most popular vocaloid songs of all time

Source: Pandora VOXX Wiki

Servant of Evil

Akuno-P is the mastermind behind the publication of this Vocaloid hit “Servant of Evil”, released on April 29, 2008. The song is the second installment on the Story of Evil album, and acts as a type of reaction song to its predecessor, “The Daughter of Evil.”

In the song “Servant of Evil”, the events described take place in a kingdom called Lucifenia – where the main character, Allen Avadonia, is working as a servant for Princess Riliane. Through the lyrics, he tells the listeners that he is actually the princess’ twin brother, though they were separated as children for “selfish adult reasons.” He guarantees that he will always stay by her side – even when everyone in the kingdom turns against her.

One day, Allen decides to pay a visit to the Elphegort nation, and while he is there, he meets Michaela and immediately has a crush on her. On the other hand, prince Kyle Marlon – Rilliane’s crush – also developed feelings for Michaela. Rilliane is envious of her, and she wants her brother, Allen, to kill Michaela. Even though Allen has promised that he will always fulfill Rilliane’s dream, he can’t stop the tears streaming down his face as he stabs Michaela.

Due to Rilliane’s cruelty, people get angrier, to the point that there is the Luciferian Revolution that determines to take her down. To save his sister, Allen convinces her to swap clothes with him, telling her that since they are a pair of identical twins, nobody would realize that they have exchanged clothes.

In the end, Rilianne manages to get away, while Allen is caught and publicly executed in her place. His last words before passing away are, “Sister, if I could be reincarnated, I would want to see you again.”

Producer: Mothy

Youtube Views: 6,5 million

top most popular vocaloid songs of all time