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Top Most Powerful Characters in Chainsaw Man

1. Chainsaw Man, 2. Darkness Devil, 3. Makima, 4. Gun Devil, 5. Santa Claus, 6. Quanxi, 7. Hell Devil, 8. Aki Hayakawa, 9. Kishibe, 10. Angel Devil, 11. Reze, 12. Power, 13. Katana Man, 14. Hirofumi Yoshida, 15. Akane Sawatari. All the characters in the Chainsaw Man series are strong, but these are truly the most powerful characters in this series.

  1. Chainsaw Man
  2. Darkness Devil
  3. Makima
  4. Gun Devil
  5. Santa Claus
  6. Quanxi
  7. Hell Devil
  8. Aki Hayakawa
  9. Kishibe
  10. Angel Devil
  11. Reze
  12. Power
  13. Katana Man
  14. Hirofumi Yoshida
  15. Akane Sawatari

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man has been shown to be victorious over opponents far stronger than himself on multiple occasions. Due to his agreement with Pochita, Denji now possesses superhuman powers. However, the strength of an individual user also depends on how sane they are.

Kishibe claims that insane devil hunters are more likely to meet an untimely end. However, if the users have a few “loose screws,” they will do just fine in this game of life and death. Denji is the most potent character in both Devil Hunters and Chainsaw Man, and it’s hard to think of anyone else in the series who has as many loose screws.

Denji’s transformation into Chainsaw Man grants him the ability to wield a genuine chainsaw with his hands and head. The user of Chainsaw Devil can make it so that no one remembers that devils even exist. The Devil can also draw his opponent in by using the chainsaw’s loose links.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Darkness Devil

The Darkness Devil, Chainsaw Man’s most horrifying character, is composed of several human corpses. The Devil Hunters have had to contend with the Darkness Devil ever since it made its debut in chapter 64. When people are afraid of the night, a supernatural being gathers strength.

The Darkness Devil only needs to look at a person to cause severe injury or perhaps death. It has numerous mantras it can employ to completely destroy the bodies of its victims. Darkness Devil’s Black Sword is his deadliest weapon. In the blink of an eye, you can wipe out your adversaries with the telekinetically commanded blade.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Makima isn’t simply the smart one; she’s also the one with impressive magical talents. Her seductive demeanor and capacity for manipulation make her an easy target. Her interactions with Denji, who she later adopts as a human pet, serve as a prime example of her cunning. Fans started comparing Makima’s terrifying deeds in the series to those of Sosuke Aizen in Bleach and Griffith in Berserk.

Makima, in her role as the Control Devil, has the power to subjugate anybody she deems to be beneath her. Because she is linked to her victims, she can also draw on their abilities. To add insult to injury, Makima can use an unseen power in her power Manipulation technique. When her many skills are added together, she becomes one of the most formidable characters in the Chainsaw Man series.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Gun Devil

Makima wants Denji to slay the terrifying Gun Devil, knowing full well that Denji is a pervert, and giving him anything in exchange. Makima says the Gun Devil could murder 1.2 million people in five minutes as part of his presentation. Furthermore, other countries have since tightened their gun restrictions in response to the occurrence.

Its body is made out of several AK-47s, M16A1s, MK18s, and M4 Carbines, and its head is topped with a M1911 barrel. The accuracy with which the Gun Devil fires at its foes is unparalleled. The Gun Devil’s metallic construction makes it resistant to damage, and its incredible speed causes some of its body to catch fire.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Santa Claus

Chainsaw Man’s character, Santa Claus, doesn’t sound any nicer than it actually is. In fact, it plays a pivotal role as the arc’s international nemesis. The current theory about Santa Claus’s true identity has her as a German lady with black hair and a mole beneath her eye, but this is highly debatable. Because of her extraordinary abilities, Santa Claus is a complete enigma.

One of Santa’s most notable skills is his ability to make dolls. With a single touch, she can transform any person into an obedient servant. Santa can make an army out of children simply by having them touch one of these dolls. However, she must be physically close to the dolls in order to direct them. By putting her mind into one of her dolls, she can live indefinitely.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Get to meet the first Devil Hunter in the world of Chainsaw Man, the Devil Hunter from China. The limited time we spent with Quanxi was enough to confirm that she is a formidable opponent. Like Himeno, Quanxi is rarely seen without an eye patch, and she is widely regarded as an extremely dangerous rival. There are many who speculate that she could possibly be stronger than Kishibe physically.

Once Quanxi draws her sword, she can effortlessly slash through thousands upon thousands of foes. She can shoot multiple arrows at once thanks to her hybrid shape, which allows her to draw arrows from her limbs and head.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Hell Devil

The scary Hell Devil first appeared in the manga in chapter 63. It’s a huge building, completely featureless except for an open maw and a skin that seems to be on fire. The anime’s rendition of him will undoubtedly be eagerly awaited.

Hell Devil’s alternate form is a huge hand with six fingers that appears from a portal in the sky. The Devil use this power in his efforts to damn souls. If it gets hurt in a fight, it simply needs a small amount of blood to heal. As of right now, Santa Claus and the Anti-Makima Squad are both on record as having signed contracts with the Hell Devil.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Aki Hayakawa

Aki has been a mainstay of the series from the beginning, and he has appeared in numerous action sequences. Because of his agreements with the Fox, the Curse, and the Future Devil, Aki possesses remarkable prowess and power.

With the aid of Curse Devil, he is able to conjure a nail-like blade capable of dealing tremendous damage. However, the cost of using it is a shorter lifespan for him. Future Devil, as the name suggests, gives him a glimpse into the future so he can plot his next few seconds of action. Once the Fox Devil has been called, it can either eat its enemies or shred them to pieces.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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If you consider that Kishibe is the one who trains other strong characters like Power and Denji, you have a good idea of how formidable he is. Kishibe is quiet and stoic, yet when it comes to killing demons, he is merciless. Kishibe is a powerful Devil Hunter since he has spent years killing demons.

There is no one who can match Kishibe physically. In one episode, he used a single punch to shatter a weapon forged from Power’s cooled blood. Kishibe’s superhuman talents make him a nightmare for the demons. Kashibe is currently in touch with the Claw Devil, the Knife Devil, and the Needle Devil.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Angel Devil

Angel Devil is a masculine character who looks like a girl. He seems lively and full of life, yet his laziness is holding him back from developing his strength. Even yet, he has the strength to be considered one of Chainsaw Man’s most formidable characters.

Angel Because he is both an angel and a devil, Devil is complex and difficult to comprehend. On the one hand, he thinks humanity should be put through pain, but on the other, he feels terrible about their deaths, thanks to his angelic nature. His most notable skill is the capacity to absorb time. He can drain a person’s life force with a single touch. This ingested lifespan can be further transformed into a lethal weapon, and the longer the lifespan, the more lethal the weapon.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Reze was briefly introduced in the season finale of Chainsaw Man, but we won’t get to see her in action until the second season. In the manga, she is presented as a lovely young lady, too innocent-looking to ever do anyone any harm. Don’t let her innocent appearance deceive you, though; she’s one of the series’ most formidable Devils.

In the latter episodes, it is revealed that Reze is actually the Bomb Devil, a Soviet agent in Japan. Her explosions can level adjacent structures and even automobiles. She was immune to the combined attacks of Shark Fiend and Denji.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Power is not entirely wrong, but she does think too highly of herself. She is undeniably a pivotal figure in the show. Most importantly, unlike many Devil Hunters, she enjoys fighting rather than seeming cowardly, making her even more of a menace to her opponents.

As a Blood Fiend, she is free to experiment with blood in any way she pleases. Her most notable attack is the creation of blood-hardened weaponry. We’ve seen her fight quite a few times by this point in the series, but we haven’t yet seen her in her full Devil form, which is far more powerful.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Katana Man

Katana Man established his value in the first season of the show with his impressive fighting abilities and lethal techniques. The addition of Akane Sawatari made it nearly impossible for Aki and his friends to beat. Denji proved to be smarter than Katana Man, who would have had little trouble defeating him if not for it.

Katana Man can slash through solid objects like walls and even dig large holes in the earth with his devastating assaults. His unique technique allowed him to quickly and efficiently dispatch his opponents with no room for error. Katana Man displays the incredible skills of a trained swordsman during his battle with Aki and Denji.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Hirofumi Yoshida

Hirofumi first appeared in the manga, although he has yet to make an appearance in the anime. Hirofumi is expressly employed to protect Denji, and Makima views him as a bodyguard specialist, because we know how many Devils are hiding in the Chainsaw Devil’s heart.

Hirofumi is able to use his tentacles to harm or bind his adversaries because to a deal he made with the Octopus Devil. He wraps them around himself for defense against a lethal assault, and they serve the same purpose. He can blind his foe with a cloud of black smoke created simply by pronouncing the word “Ink,” then launch a devastating strike.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari deserves most of the credit for the high energy of the series’ final episodes. Her pact with the Snake Devil makes her difficult to deal with, despite the fact that she appears to be a carefree adolescent with hardly any powers. However, her tale was concluded in the first season, so we won’t get to see her again in future installments.

Akane has the ability to call forth the Snake Devil at any time, and the Devil will then attack the adversary at her bidding. Example: If you tell the Snake Devil to “Swallow it all,” it will eat the entire thing. Also, if she orders, “Spit it out,” the Devil to expel the enemy, the Devil will be forced to return them to the fight on Akane’s side.

top most powerful characters in chainsaw man

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