Top Must Visit Places in Switzerland

1. Zurich, 2. Montreux, 3. Geneva, 4. The Matterhorn, 5. Zermatt, 6. Lucerne, 7. Swiss National Park, 8. St. Moritz, 9. Swiss Grand Canyon, 10. Bern. Travelers come to Switzerland for the breathtaking beauty, but they are also enchanted by the numerous cultural attractions. Cities like Zurich, Geneva, and Lausanne, which are steeped in history, provide outstanding museums and galleries, historic architecture, and renowned music festivals. There are so many interesting places to go to in Switzerland, so which places are the best? The following list of the must-visit places in Switzerland will give you the answer!

  1. Zurich
  2. Montreux
  3. Geneva
  4. The Matterhorn
  5. Zermatt
  6. Lucerne
  7. Swiss National Park
  8. St. Moritz
  9. Swiss Grand Canyon
  10. Bern


Zurich, the country’s largest city, is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Switzerland, with a breathtaking landscape. Apart from being Europe’s financial center, the city is a popular tourist destination with lakes and mountains, old churches, museums, and other fascinating attractions.

The city’s cobblestone streets lead to the old town, where you may experience the charm of city life through boutique cafes and stores. Zurich, with its contemporary art and architecture, has brought life to every nook of the city, and calling it a fairyland would not be an understatement. There are locations to visit in Zurich that can calm your soul, whether it is a man-made beach or a lake situated next to the foothills of a snowcapped mountain.

Place: Zurich

Best time to visit Zurich: from June and August

Some of the best attractions in Zurich are:

  • Zurich Lake
  • Kunsthaus Zürich
  • Uetliberg Mountain
  • Swiss National Museum
  • Zurich Zoo

top must visit places in switzerland

Zurich. Photo: hotel-bb.com

top must visit places in switzerland

Zurich. Photo: worldwidewendy.be


Montreux is a wonderful destination to visit in Switzerland, located along the shores of Lake Geneva. The village is set in the Swiss Alps, where you can admire the breathtaking natural splendor that surrounds it. Ancient castles and the architecture of old cities have made Montreux a fascinating place to visit.

The wonderful city recalls the dreamlike splendor of nineteenth-century fairy tales, with peace in every nook. The lake-side resorts, which give a surreal view of the lush green scenery, are a great place to find quiet and rest. Attractions in Montreux may not be as well-known as those in Zurich, but they are unquestionably fascinating. In addition, when you visit Montreux in August, you will be able to soak up the festive vibes and vivid culture.

Place: Montreux

Best time to visit Montreux: from May to October

Some of the best attractions in Montreux are:

  • Freddie Mercury
  • Chillon Castle
  • Clarens Gorges
  • Gardens of Montreux Palace
  • Chexbres

top must visit places in switzerland

Montreux. Photo: tripsavvy.com

top must visit places in switzerland

Montreux. Photo: agoda.com


Geneva is more than just a vacation spot. This is because Geneva is one of Switzerland’s most attractive destinations, with outstanding architecture, art, and natural beauty. Geneva is also one of the best honeymoon locations in Europe because of its perfect balance of man-made and natural beauty. Every element of the city is romanticized to entice newlyweds, from the exquisite resorts and hotels to the lakeside splendor.

With cobblestone lanes lined with a variety of spectacular fashion and art, Geneva is also a center for worldwide influence. International organizations such as the International Red Cross Committee and the European headquarters of the United Nations are what have made Geneva so attractive among international travelers. More such headquarters might be added to your list of places to see in Switzerland. If you look attentively at the mix of man and environment here in Geneva, you will notice luxury all around you.

Place: Geneva

Best time to visit Geneva: July to August

Some of the best attractions in Geneva are:

  • Jardin Anglais
  • Reformation Wall
  • Museum of Art and History
  • International Red Cross Museum
  • Parc Des Bastions

top must visit places in switzerland

Geneva. Photo: khaosod.co.th

top must visit places in switzerland

Geneva. Photo: worldtravelguide.net

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn, a glacial wonderland, is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful sights. This is a famous landmark that defines every natural wonder. The Matterhorn is one of the reasons why Switzerland is the best honeymoon location in the world, as it is one of the highest mountain ranges in the Alps.

The Matterhorn, which rises to a height of 4,478 meters, attracts adventurers from all over the world who want to climb it. There are resorts and motels set only at the mountain’s foothills where you can spend a relaxing night while admiring its beauty. Aside from mountain climbing, there are several other activities to attempt to spice up your vacation. If you visit this destination in Switzerland during the winter, you can go skiing, hiking, or mountain biking. If you visit during the summer, you can go mountain biking.

Place: The Matterhorn

Best time to visit The Matterhorn: June to September

Some of the best things to do in The Matterhorn are:

  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Skiing during winters
  • Climbing the peak

top must visit places in switzerland

The Matterhorn. Photo: airbooking.vn

top must visit places in switzerland

The Matterhorn. Photo: zermatt.ch


Zermatt, a mountain village with fascinating natural beauty, is one of the best destinations to visit in Switzerland for your next exciting vacation. Zermatt, which sits atop the spectacular Matterhorn Mountain, is a popular stopover for hikers who want to prepare for a challenging walk. Moreover, the village is a beautiful, serene place where you can unwind and recuperate in a natural setting.

In November, December, or any other winter season, Zermatt is one of the best places to visit when coming to Switzerland. The temperature will drop to -10 degrees, but the snow will undoubtedly make it skiing heaven. Remember that the town is a car-free zone, so you might not be able to find a private vehicle to get to a nearby location. The major Swiss tourist attractions in Zermatt are easily accessible on foot, and for those who want assistance, trains and cable cars are available.

Place: Zermatt

Best time to visit Zermatt: from June to September and from November to March

Some of the best attractions in Zermatt are:

  • The Matterhorn
  • Sunnegga
  • Gornergrat
  • Riffelsee
  • Breithorn Zermatt
  • Hangebrucke
  • Rothorn

top must visit places in switzerland

Zermatt. Photo: houseville.villas

top must visit places in switzerland

Zermatt. Photo: mindfulmermaid.com


While Switzerland is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, Lucerne is one of the best spots to visit in the country. The city is surrounded by natural wonders, such as lakes and mountains. Historical landmarks like Chapel Bridge and the Water Tower, which date back to the 14th century, are among the top places to visit in Lucerne. Medieval structures abound in the city, demonstrating the city’s architectural prowess.

In Lucerne, there are numerous attractive sites that will provide a fantastic spot to record as a memory of your vacation. Museums and sculptures, ancient buildings and modern architecture, waterfront promenades, the Culture and Convention Center, and a plethora of other attractions combine to make Lucerne one of Switzerland’s greatest tourist destinations. Enjoy the cable rides, ship cruises, and musical performances that are held here on occasion.

Place: Lucerne

Best time to visit Lucerne: from June to September

Some of the best attractions in Lucerne are:

  • Museggmauer
  • Hofkirche
  • Lake Lucerne
  • Mt. Rigi Lucerne
  • Chapel Bridge
  • Biosphaere Entlebuch
  • Reuss River Sights

top must visit places in switzerland

Lucerne. Photo: independent.co.uk

top must visit places in switzerland

Lucerne. Photo: duhocinec.com

Swiss National Park

The Swiss National Park is one of Switzerland’s must-see destinations, with a rich wildness. The national park is a nature lover’s heaven, with over 100 bird species and 5000 animal species. During your tour of the Swiss national park, you will see marmots, chamois, red deer, foxes, and other wild animals. The national park was established in 1941 with the express objective of protecting the wild.

The Swiss National Park contains some of the most stunning hiking routes where you may discover the park’s tranquil charm. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland during the winter when the mountains and trees are covered in a blanket of white snow. The roaring sound of rivers, the rattling of insects, and the verdant valleys with an abundance of wild vegetation preserved in a pristine ecosystem are all sounds you’ll hear.

Place: Swiss National Park

Best time to visit Swiss National Park: All Year

Some of the best things to do in the Swiss National Park are:

  • Photography
  • Wildlife tour
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding

top must visit places in switzerland

Swiss National Park. Photo: tourispo.com

top must visit places in switzerland

Swiss National Park. Photo: flickr.com

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is located in the Engadin valley. It is considered a famous tourist destination in Switzerland and is known for its skiing activities. This venue rose to prominence after organizing the 2003 Skiing World Championships and the Winter Olympics twice. Therefore, if you are a winter sports enthusiast who loves skiing and other winter activities, you should not miss this event in December.

St. Moritz is also known as a serene place that is home to some tranquil lakes and lush green hills. When the mountains and the trees are all covered with snow in winter, this small town becomes a winter paradise. In addition, there might be the best cities to visit in Switzerland where you will find luxury. Moreover, St. Moritz is also one of the destinations offering a peaceful and interesting gateway to the mountains.

Place: St. Moritz

Best time to visit St. Moritz: from June to October and from December to March

Some of the best attractions in St. Moritz are:

  • Lake St. Moritz
  • Piz Nair
  • Hanselmann

top must visit places in switzerland

St. Moritz. Photo: mytravelpursuit.com

top must visit places in switzerland

St. Moritz. Photo: badruttspalace.com

Swiss Grand Canyon

The Ruinaulta, one of Switzerland’s most picturesque sites, is also known as the Swiss Grand Canyon. The valley was powerfully stroked by 100 billion cubic meters of granite 10,000 years ago, and the history of this spectacular location dates back to that time. As a result, the Grand Canyon of Switzerland, also known as Ruinaulta, was formed. It is now one of the most scenic sites in the world, with thousands of visitors each year.

The Swiss Grand Canyon was formed by a landslide in the Rhine Valley and is a popular hiking and biking destination. The region’s stunning terrain has made it one of Switzerland’s most unique locations to visit, where nature bestows her greatest beauty and offers a place to reconnect with oneself. The scenery of this Swiss canyon is interesting, but there is a thrill and a spectacular adventure at every step that will leave you speechless.

Place: Swiss Grand Canyon

Best time to visit the Swiss Grand Canyon: from May to October

Some of the best things to do in the Swiss Grand Canyon are:

  • Photography
  • Sightseeing
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Kayaking

top must visit places in switzerland

Swiss Grand Canyon. Photo: outdooractive.com

top must visit places in switzerland

Swiss Grand Canyon. Photo: myswitzerland.com


Bern is the next destination on the list of the must-visit places in Switzerland. Bern’s old town is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Vern Old Town’s medieval splendor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you may learn about the remarkable art and culture of the period. The serenity around Bern has added to its existence, not only because of its history but also because of its heritage.

Every corner of Bern city is a work of art in its own right, from the city’s highest church to the Zytglogge medieval clock tower and the Bundesplatz. Bern is considered one of the best places to visit in Switzerland because of its stunning architecture. The city is home to several excellent galleries and museums that house a diverse collection of art and culture that has been conserved over time. If you’re still wondering what more to do in Bern, you can browse the local markets, which are open to both tourists and locals.

Place: Bern

Best time to visit Bern: from March to May and from September to November

Some of the best attractions in Bern are:

  • The Old Town
  • Einstein Haus
  • Kunstmuseum
  • Rosengarten
  • The Einstein Museum and the Historical Museum of Bern

top must visit places in switzerland

Bern. Photo: tripsavvy.com

top must visit places in switzerland

Bern. Photo: luganolife.it


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