Top Reasons to Visit Fiji

1. Natural Beauty, 2. Photographer’s Dream Destination, 3. Friendly Locals, 4. Delicious Food, 5. Family-friendly Culture, 6. Diving Heaven, 7. Hiking And Trekking Paradise, 8. One-of-a-kind Adventures, 9. Another Level of Relaxation, 10. Fascinating Cultural Experiences, 11. All-year-round Destination. Fiji is a well-known bucket list destination famed for its white sand beaches, abundant marine life, and clean waters. With so much adventure, culture, and cuisine to experience, Fiji is definitely a one-stop travel destination. With more than 300 islands and atolls, the archipelago allows you to customize your journey to Fiji. The islands of Fiji have a lot to offer, whether you're searching for an opulent resort, a family vacation, or an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Here are only a few of the many reasons to visit Fiji.

  1. Natural Beauty
  2. Photographer’s Dream Destination
  3. Friendly Locals
  4. Delicious Food
  5. Family-friendly Culture
  6. Diving Heaven
  7. Hiking And Trekking Paradise
  8. One-of-a-kind Adventures
  9. Another Level of Relaxation
  10. Fascinating Cultural Experiences
  11. All-year-round Destination

Natural Beauty

This is most likely the best (and most obvious) reason you should visit Fiji. You will definitely gasp in awe at the Fijian islands’ breathtaking natural beauty. From majestic waterfalls and clear rivers to the coastline brimming with marine life and vast miles of white sand, there is so much to see and do. This can be considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Fiji.

Stunning tropical rainforests comprise 80% of the island of Taveuni, making it unlike any other place you’ll visit. A tour of the island will take you past undiscovered waterfalls like the magnificent Tavoro Falls and the Signtaga Sand Dunes close to the community of Kulukulu.

And who can forget the scene from “Blue Lagoon” where Brooke Shields emerges from the glistening water after being shipwrecked? Did you know that Turtle Island in the Yasawa was the location for numerous of the film’s scenes? The Yasawas are renowned for having some of Fiji’s most magnificent beaches, which are perfect if you’re a fan of movies or are just seeking for some fun and relaxation.

Additionally, traveling by boat between islands is reasonably simple. The finest parts of Mamanuca and Monuriki Island, the scene for Castaway, are included in this 8-day vacation to Fiji’s exclusive private islands!

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji

Photographer’s Dream Destination

It can be difficult to take a subpar photo in a location with so many picture-perfect backdrops. Give your followers daily updates on the land and marine locations of Fiji. Take photos of 30 to 40 different kinds of Asian orchids and Cattleya hybrids while strolling through the magnificent, a lush, calm paradise that was formerly home to renowned actor Raymond Burr. Visit the secluded and sparsely populated islands by sea kayak and paddle across the tranquil waters and coral lagoons.

Around addition to the constant natural beauty, wherever you go in the islands, you’ll see something unique to Fiji that is worth sharing. Travel just a little distance to Viti Levu’s south to publish captivating pictures of Fiji’s fabled Beqa Island Firewalkers. Fill your page with images of the three Tavoro Waterfalls, which are located on the eastern side of the eminently green Garden Island. The falls, which are visually stunning and contain natural volcanic pools where you can soak and post an incredible Instagram story, are situated in the lushly forested Bouma National Heritage Park.

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji

Friendly Locals

Fiji has an extremely close-knit society that is mostly based around villages. Even large cities have a small-town atmosphere, and it’s common for cousins, aunts, and uncles to reside close by. Although nothing is perfect, the community takes care of the children, and the crime rate is minimal. Kids are allowed to play and explore about. It is obvious how closely individuals are connected and how supportive they are of one another. Perhaps because of this strong foundation, Fijians are very kind and friendly to outsiders.

The people of Fiji are among the friendliest and most welcoming you’ll ever encounter, and they’ll be happy to assist you in discovering fresh and interesting local activities to enhance your vacation there. Fiji’s well-known “Bula” is more than just a gesture of welcome. All facets of Fijian society are characterized by genuine kindness, compassion, and a cheerful outlook. Immerse yourself in the Bula spirit through cultural heritage activities like village tours and casual contacts with locals, just like on this Matamanoa Island vacation, and you’ll arrive as a guest and depart as a friend.

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji

Delicious Food

The cuisine of Fiji is a delicious fusion unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. Fiji boasts two delicious cuisines: the native Fijian, which is full of seafood and mild in flavor, making it a great choice for kids, and the Fijian Indian, which offers plenty of rice, hot spices, and spicy treats for those with more daring palates. Recipes usually call for local items such mud crabs, pineapples, mangoes, papayas, and recently caught fish. Many hotels and dining establishments host special Lovo nights where patrons can eat steamed meats, fish, and root vegetables that have just been excavated from the underground oven.

If you ever visit Fiji, you must have Kokoda, a traditional fish ceviche made with coconut milk and lemon juice. There are lots of curries, so if you like spicy food, you’re in culinary nirvana. Restaurant specialties include Indian curries with indigenous Fijian flavors. However, even weak stomachs will appreciate Fiji’s emphasis on locally produced, fresh goods!

Don’t miss a Kava ceremony if you want to experience something that is genuinely authentic. Kava is a plant with roots that is mashed up into a beverage and is thought to calm the spirit. In kava rituals, participants sit in a circle on the ground. The head of the village, the most senior Fijian, or the person hosting the kava ceremony is usually the one to create the drink by mixing kava with water. In a tanoa, which is a sizable wooden bowl, the kava is prepared.

Clap once and take a sip of the kava when the ceremony’s master of ceremonies hands you a bilo (a coconut shell cup). You should consume the bilo in one sitting as opposed to sipping it like a cocktail. After that, give the bilo back, cheer, and say “Bula” (good health). The entire group is served by one bilo. When the ceremony’s leader hands back the bilo, everyone in the circle cheers three times. Those things can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Fiji.

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji

Family-friendly Culture

Family is the center of life in Fiji. So it comes as no surprise that Fiji is remarkable. Family-friendly resorts can be found all over the archipelago. Some of these include Castaway Island in the Mamanucas, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort on the Coral Coast, Private Island in the Yasawas, and Savusavu. These resorts provide features that let parents and kids spend quality time on the island together and separately.

One-on-one nanny services for newborns and toddlers, “Bula Buddies,” and supervised kids groups for children aged four to twelve are typical complimentary extras for families. Teenagers often have a daily menu of guided activities to choose from, including kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking. Parents can relax by the pool, pamper themselves to a spa treatment, or go on excursions with peace of mind knowing that their children are kept busy, entertained, and protected during the day. After a long day, families can get together for dinner, family pool time, and evening entertainment like Fijian dance performances.

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji

Diving Heaven

If you’re a beginner or have your diving certification, you should take advantage of this great marine area in Fiji since it is a well-known diving destination. The Mamanucas and Yasawas have some of the best diving locations, including Barefoot Kuata Resort and Wayalailai Ecohaven Resort. Beqa Lagoon Resort, Aqua-Trek, and Beqa Adventure Divers (which is renowned for having one of the top shark dives in the world – no big deal! ), as well as other locations in Fiji, are all worth visiting.

This trip to Fiji may be the ideal opportunity for you to obtain your diver certification if you don’t already have one. With diving activities ranging from swimming pool breathing exercises to shipwreck diving, reef diving, and shark encounters, both novice and experienced divers will find Mamanuca Island to be a diving paradise. On the other side, this Fiji diving tour will give you a fantastic mix of snorkeling and diving.

The fourth-largest barrier reef in the world, the Great Astrolabe Reef, circles the sparsely populated southern island of Kadavu. Snorkelers can explore the coral gardens of the reef, and divers can explore its drop-offs and swim alongside eagle and manta rays, turtles, and wrasse. Whatever you decide, spending the day underwater is all about honing and developing your diving skills so that you can responsibly and securely take in the mesmerizingly vibrant underwater world.

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji

Hiking And Trekking Paradise

Fiji, the land of happiness, is more than simply stunning beaches, picture-perfect islands, an azure ocean, and a fantasy vacation destination. Additionally, it boasts some of the most breathtaking hiking trails that take visitors through lush rainforests, waterfalls, mountain ranges, nature reserves, and sand dunes, enabling them to fully experience Fiji’s magnificence from a fresh perspective. This can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Fiji.

The Mount Tomanivi and Mount Batilamu hiking trails are among the best. The highest point in Fiji, Mount Tomanivi, is an extinct volcano in Viti Levu’s northern region that provides one of the best treks on the island. The 1,324-meter peak is reached after a difficult hike on a high terrain. On a clear day, those who accept the challenge and make it to the top will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Yasawa Islands archipelago.

Another must-visit trekking location is Mount Batilamu, commonly known as “The Sleeping Giant,” which offers spectacular views of the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands from its summit. About an hour’s drive from Nadi is the fourth-tallest mountain in Fiji, which is also a component of the Koroyanitu National Heritage Park.

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji

One-of-a-kind Adventures

Sea kayaking is a great activity for the lagoons in Fiji, and you may explore the mysterious mangrove habitats thanks to the creeks that pass through them. Native Fijian guides take groups sea kayaking to Benq Island, known for its firewalkers and surfing, and river rafting through the jungles and highland towns on the main island.

The Fijian Islands are some of the most sought-after surfing destinations in the world, drawing surfers from all over to test their skills against Fiji’s swells. There are numerous surfing spots on Tavarua Island, a remote heart-shaped island close to the well-known area of Denarau. The waves that circle this island will never fail to surprise you, whether you’ve been practicing your surfing technique for decades or are just learning to paddle out. There is always a wave to catch in Tavarua, which is part of its allure and what draws surfers back. The center of Fiji’s surfing paradise is where you’ll be taken on this 4-day surf adventure trip.

Visit the tropical highlands of Fiji to admire the Upper Navua River. Even the most experienced rafters will be challenged by the rapids on this river as it rushes through different volcanic canyons. Anyone looking for intense sensations should definitely try it.

However, the zipline in Fiji is fantastic if you prefer land-based activities. You may zipline through the treetops of an eco-reserve during this 9-day Coral Coast and Yasawa Island holiday to get up close and personal with Fiji’s flora and fauna. After receiving a thorough briefing from your professional guides, you will descend eight ziplines high above the Wainadoi River Valley and deep within the jungle. The nearly two-kilometer-long ziplines on Fiji’s biggest island are among the most exhilarating activities there.

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji

Another Level of Relaxation

Continually voted the best in the region, unwind in the most opulent spas in the Pacific. You’re guaranteed to forget all your issues whether you like mud baths, massages, or other relaxing treatments. Naturally, spas are well-known on islands where everyone prioritizes leisure.

While almost every resort in Fiji offers spa services regularly, there are few that you simply must visit because they have renowned spas. So, if your philosophy of relaxation is to “go big or go home,” pick a Fiji spa resort. When organizing your trip, our Local Designers in Fiji will be able to adjust it so that there is enough of downtime.

Try mud baths if you’d like a more natural spa experience. There are a few locations where you may relax in natural hot springs due to the volcanic nature of some of Fiji’s 333 islands. One of the most well-liked choices is the Sabeto Mud Pools, which are nearby Nadi. Put on a thick layer of wet mud and let it to dry on your body. After that, submerge yourself in a naturally heated hot pool to wash the mud away and allow the healing properties of the water and soil to heal your skin. There are then three more hot tubs where you may unwind while taking in views of the Sabeto mountains.

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji

Fascinating Cultural Experiences

The way of life in Fiji is a laid-back fusion of traditional culture with a strong sense of family and community. The majority of the population in Fiji actively participates in its indigenous culture, and tourists can experience this in the country’s cuisine, people, music, and traditional arts. This is also one of the Reasons to Visit Fiji.

Tourism is significantly influenced by displays of “traditional” Fijian music, dance, and culture; model villages and artisan marketplaces are well-liked by visitors. The meke is a traditional song-and-dance show that has its roots in recounting stories. One of the customary shows of the Arts Village, a model community and tourism destination close to Deuba, is the meke. Indian movies are frequently shown in theaters. A superb collection of war boats and other relics may be found in the Fiji Museum, which can be found in the Thurston Botanical Gardens in Suva.

The culture has changed over time as a result of the infusion of influences from India, China, and Europe as well as close relations to the Rotuman and Tongan civilizations. The people of Fiji are incredibly friendly and outgoing, and they enjoy sharing their real welcome with others by exclaiming “Bulas!” in an infectious, joyful, and incessant manner.

Fijians lead a leisurely lifestyle, which might occasionally irritate visitors from the hectic west who are used to a faster pace of life. Fiji time refers to the idea that tasks get completed eventually, if at all, and without regard to the passage of time. Every visitor and resident of the island experiences Fiji time, which causes minutes to seem like hours and hours to seem like days. It forces people to slow down and appreciate their current situation.

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji

All-year-round Destination

Fiji is an idyllic island nation with warm, bright weather and enticing white sand beaches that is appealing all year long. Visit the island during the dry season when the weather is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling to get the most out of island life. If you travel in the shoulder seasons, you might have the beach to yourself and save money on your hotel and flight. While the weather is more prone to cyclones and daily rain showers, the wet season offers unique cultural experiences, less tourists, and reduced rates.

With families and students on vacation, the dry season, commonly known as the “Fijian winter,” (May to October), is busier. Even yet, there hasn’t been much rain, and the visibility is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. You’ll endure brief rainstorms throughout the rainy season, but costs will be moderate, and there won’t be as many people on the beaches. The majority of tourists choose Fiji as a beach location for water sports, but there are also many of opportunities for cultural experiences.

The main island of Fiji, Viti Levu, has a number of opulent resorts where you may sunbathe during the dry season. You can also boost your chances of sighting a manta ray or whale shark by traveling to the isolated south shore of Kadavu Island. One of the world’s largest barrier reefs, the Great Astrolabe Reef, is accessible from this spot for snorkeling and diving.

Considering lodging in the country’s dry zone in the west, where rainfall is limited, or in its capital city, Suva, where options for festivals and cultural experiences are many, is a good idea if you’re traveling during the wet season. You may still be able to enjoy the sun in either location despite the possibility of tropical storms and cyclones during the rainy season because annual temperatures range from 64°F (18°C) to 86°F (30°C).

top reasons to visit fiji

top reasons to visit fiji