Top Reasons to Visit Finland

1. The Land of a Thousand Lakes, 2. Kind and Friendly People, 3. Beautiful Architecture, 4. Ski Resorts and Dog Sleds, 5. A Year-round Destination, 6. Finnish sauna, 7. Fantastic National Parks, 8. Northern Lights, 9. Aland, 10. Unique Dining Experiences, 11. Saimaa Ringed Seals and Reindeer, 12. Immerse Yourself in Great Literature, 13. A Country for Rock Music Lovers. Finland is renowned for being one of the closest places to utopia, with the happiest place on world right next to the edge of the arctic, and the language that is said to be the hardest to master on planet. Finland need to be on your travel wish list, whether vacations are a regular escape or travel is your life. It's arguably one of the most unusual sites you'll visit, and it's also one of the most interesting. They range from the aesthetics to the people, the customs and history, and the endlessly beautiful landscape to explore. Here are some of the reasons to visit Finland.

  1. The Land of a Thousand Lakes
  2. Kind and Friendly People
  3. Beautiful Architecture
  4. Ski Resorts and Dog Sleds
  5. A Year-round Destination
  6. Finnish sauna
  7. Fantastic National Parks
  8. Northern Lights
  9. Aland
  10. Unique Dining Experiences
  11. Saimaa Ringed Seals and Reindeer
  12. Immerse Yourself in Great Literature
  13. A Country for Rock Music Lovers

The Land of a Thousand Lakes

Did you know Finland has more than 180,000 islands and over 188,000 lakes? Finland is actually 90% forest and water, with many of the lakes located in the Lakeland region beneath Lapland. Finland has thousands of lakes, many of which are encircled by stunning hills and valleys that are forested. There are snow-capped mountains and forests, unspoiled and unusual environment, and the magnificent aurora borealis, often known as the Northern Lights, here like nowhere else! Many travelers refer to this region as the Land of a Thousand Lakes since it is virtually difficult to visit without coming across at least one of its stunning lakes. This can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Finland.

And there are lots of activities you can do on Finland’s lakes. In fact, many people will begin their days in the winter by taking a swim in the frigid lakes to give them an energy boost. Around the lake, there are other entertaining customs as well. On National Sleepy Head Day, the last member of the household to get up may be thrown into the nearest body of water.

Of course, if the regional customs aren’t your cup of tea, there are some more calm activities. From leisurely boat rides through the tranquil lakes to lodging in lakeside cottages, paddleboards, and more. When visiting Finland, you must experience its waters, and since they are among the cleanest in the world, it is an easy sight to take in. Visit Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland, which is situated in the lovely Lakeland region. Additionally, Finland’s “Right to Roam” statute permits you to pitch a tent wherever you like as long as you don’t annoy any nearby residents or the natural environment.

top reasons to visit finland

top reasons to visit finland

Kind and Friendly People

In terms of happiness, Finland tops the list. It has a lot to do with the way of life of the Finns, who place a high value on being outside and spending time in nature and the wilderness. Furthermore, people in Finland have a high level of mutual trust and confidence in their home nation.

Finnish landscape and culture are revered and loved by the people who live there. Despite having a bit of a reputation for being reclusive, Finns are nonetheless kind to visitors. They will always extend a friendly, welcoming greeting and give you a brief introduction to their way of life. Older individuals really enjoy conversing with strangers. The majority of Finns speak many languages, and English has been taught in schools for many years. This enables them to assist you if you need assistance with translation. Some Finns also speak Sámi, Swedish, or Russian depending on where they are from.

Finns secretly take pleasure in presenting that impression of themselves, even though it isn’t necessarily accurate, as being very odd in some aspects. It is true that Finns are outgoing and kind, but they have an odd way of expressing it. Furthermore, Finns aren’t keen on small talk, and they don’t find it odd when a conversation gets silent. Since Finns believe there is no purpose to fill silence with meaningless chatter, silence simply indicates that the other person doesn’t have anything important to say.

top reasons to visit finland

top reasons to visit finland

Beautiful Architecture

Finland’s architecture has a history of more than 800 years. While up until the modern era Finland’s two neighboring ruling nations, Sweden and Russia, strongly influenced Finland’s architecture, from the early 19th century onward influences came directly from further afield: first, when itinerant foreign architects took up positions in the country, and then when the Finnish architect profession became established.

Finland’s architecture has a strong connection to its natural surroundings. By using only straightforward lines, forms, features, and the usage of organic materials, the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto has produced a number of stunning and amazing structures that will take your breath away. In the global history of modern architecture, he is regarded as one of the key figures.

Finland’s architecture includes both contemporary constructions like the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art and historic wooden structures that date back to Sweden. Visitors can view artwork from the Art Nouveau, Northern Classicism, Gothic Revival, and minimalist eras around the nation, as well as learn about the development of architecture at the Museum of Architecture in Helsinki, Finland’s capital.

top reasons to visit finland
top reasons to visit finland

Ski Resorts and Dog Sleds

What about skiing? As you ski on powdery, thin snow down one of Finland’s many challenging slopes, take in the stunning scenery. One of the best spots to go skiing is in Finland. not only for its snowy climate, but also for its top-notch ski resorts and the chance to go dog sledding in its breathtaking surroundings.

Finland is a great spot for a variety of experiences because skiing is such a common pastime there. You can enjoy skiing anywhere in the nation, from opulent ski resorts to venturing out in Lapland for an outdoor adventure. In addition, Finland’s terrain is quite accommodating for skiers of all skill levels because there are not many mountains but many hills.

Finland has 75 ski resorts spread out around the nation, and the country has 200 days of snowfall every year. Favorite features of Pyha Ski Resort include excellent accessibility, slopes that are good for beginners, and its proximity to a national park. In addition, there are some additional outstanding ski resorts in Finland, including Levi Ski Resort and Saariselka.

Without experiencing dog sleds, of course, what sort of winter trip would it be? You can easily consider dog sled rides as one of the reasons to visit Finland because many businesses in Lapland provide them. There are a variety of activities available, whether you want to go on a ride or use the brakes yourself.

top reasons to visit finland

top reasons to visit finland

A Year-round Destination

The entire year, people travel to Finland. Finland has four beautiful unique seasons. White nights throughout the summer mean that everything is bathed in gorgeous, dazzling light. Finns enjoy spending their summer vacations outside, whether they are hiking, biking, canoeing, or simply relaxing on a pier with a book. It’s always sauna season in Finland’s major cities, and there are intriguing things to see and do there all year long.

As the days grow shorter and fall approaches, Finnish nature dons its finest attire: the color scheme glows in stunning tones of red, yellow, orange, purple, green, and brown. In Finnish Lapland, spring and fall are the greatest times to see the Northern Lights. The finest skiing season in Lapland is from late March to early May; by that time, the snow will have melted in the south.

Winters in Finland are lengthy and bitterly cold, with beautiful snowscapes. Enjoy cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling throughout this enchanted season. The shortest season in Finland is spring, which is when all the snow begins to melt and the flora and fauna reappear.

top reasons to visit finland

top reasons to visit finland

Finnish sauna

The abundance of saunas and the regular use of them are perhaps among Finland’s most notable characteristics. In contrast to other areas where this would be considered a luxury, Finland treats it more as a need, with saunas available virtually wherever you go. And they’re also very amazing. You really must visit the Finnish spa if you ever find yourself in the country where this style of bath originated. It is the stuff of folklore, fairy tales, and dreams.

Going to a Finnish sauna is unlike any other sauna experience you may have had and is a cleaning one for the mind and body. As a family, in a company, or by yourself, it’s a customary and natural experience. It’s a time to unwind, perhaps enjoy a drink, and grill some food over the fire. Visiting a Finnish sauna is a unique experience that offers a genuine glimpse into Finnish culture.

In order to get a more comprehensive understanding of saunas, you should visit a few if you want to travel around Finland while on vacation. Consider using the sauna while standing 40 meters above the ground. In Helsinki Market Square, the Skywheel Ferris Wheel has its own sauna with views of Helsinki and the surrounding water. A Finnish sauna experience can be anything you want it to be, whether you choose something contemporary like a beach spa or a traditional bathhouse setting with the scent of birchwood and steam. It can be considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Finland.

top reasons to visit finland

top reasons to visit finland

Fantastic National Parks

Finland is covered with protected natural areas, which not only help to preserve the biodiversity that makes our country special and attractive but also let people and visitors alike immerse themselves in the local environment.

In total, Finland has 40 national parks that are dispersed throughout the vast and stunning nation. Consider visiting the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in Lapland, the Oulanka National Park near Kuusamo, and Nuuksio in the southern region of Finland, which is home to the capital. Teijo National Park, which is close to the archipelago, also encourages visitors to spend the night in one of the cozy cabins or even one of the communities located inside the park.

The Finnish national parks are very beautiful and will give you a taste of every aspect of Finnish wildlife. They range from rapids, river falls, and eskers to fells, lakes, archipelagos, and forests. In Finland, you can see king eagles, grouse, and reindeer foraging in the wild. Drink crystal-clear water from a chilly fall stream while inhaling the purest air in the planet. Even guides are available to go out and look for bears in the wild.

top reasons to visit finland

top reasons to visit finland

Northern Lights

Did you know that in Finnish Lapland, the Northern Lights can be seen on about 200 evenings every year? While many people opt to observe the Northern Lights outside on snowshoes, skis, snowmobiles, or dog sleds, you can also see them from the warmth of an indoor space. A once-in-a-lifetime experience is seeing the northern lights, the Aurora Borealis, or fox fires. This can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Finland.

One of the best sites to see the northern lights, which paint the sky with breathtaking and enchanted hues of green, turquoise, ultraviolet, pink, and light blue, is in Finnish Lapland. Your chances of seeing them increase as you travel further north. Due to its northern latitude, Lapland is located within the “aurora zone,” or band surrounding the earth between latitudes of 65° and 72°N, which is known as the “northern lights belt.” The aurora borealis is most frequently and intensely visible in this area. In Finnish Lapland, the aurora season lasts from the end of August to the beginning of March.

Anytime between shortly after dusk and just before dawn, the lights could unpredictably appear and vanish. Skiers have been known to make their way home thanks to brilliant auroral displays that illuminate the snow-covered arctic terrain! Wear proper clothing because clear winter nights, when the lights are easiest to see, tend to be very cool. Get away from tall structures and lights as well. Hilltops and lakeshores make good vantage points.

top reasons to visit finland

top reasons to visit finland


Aland province in and of itself is a rather unique place to visit. There are a lot of good reasons to travel to Finland that are right there in Aland. In addition to its natural beauty and local attractions, Aland is unique since it sits on the very edge of the Finnish mainland, linking to Sweden. As a result, Aland has a large number of its own laws, customs, and administration. Additionally, the official language of Aland is really Swedish, with many Finns speaking both languages fluently.

With more than 6,500 islands that are all easily accessible via bridges and boats, Aland is a large portion of the coast that encircles Lakeland. There are 120 of these islands, but only 60 of them are inhabited; the rest are open to discovery and nature.

Its land is not mountainous or challenging, the landscape and vista are beautiful, and there are numerous historical monuments like the Ruins of Bomarsund and Kastelholm Castle that you may explore. Aland is also known for its simple access via bicycle and plenty of bike rental shops. Golfing, the naval museum, and the tranquil seaside are other attractions.

top reasons to visit finland
top reasons to visit finland

Unique Dining Experiences

There are many delicious meals for you to sample, even if Nordic cuisine may not be as well known as the tastes of Asia or South America. Finnish food is renowned for frequently fusing haute cuisine, traditional country meals, and modern continental cooking. Why not visit one of Finland’s many cafés and restaurants to sample delectable fare from the local cuisine, such as chanterelle soup, luscious blueberry pie, or superb fresh fish. Restaurant Juuri in Helsinki is unquestionably a must-visit for those looking for a distinctive dining experience, genuine Finnish cuisine, delectable flavors, and wild herbs!

The lack of spices in the area has led some to disparage Finnish cuisine. In fact, there is a vast variety of delectable food to sample, and the majority of it is made using local, fresh ingredients. Due to the abundance of lakes, as well as the exceptional meat, berries, and mushrooms, fish is particularly widespread. In recent years, Finland has embraced international cuisine to an increasing extent. Foodies can choose from a variety of foreign restaurants in larger quotes that continue to prepare their dishes with these regional components.
top reasons to visit finland
top reasons to visit finland

Saimaa Ringed Seals and Reindeer

There is no doubt that Finland has a lot of beautiful fauna. In fact, if you’re looking for the main attraction in Finland, the natural environment sums it up nicely. But the Saimaa Ringed Seals and, of course, the reindeer are two exceptionally beautiful and rare species of wildlife that are a must-see.

Lake Saimaa in Finland is the only place where it is possible to see Saimaa Ringed Seals, which are arguably the rarest seals in the entire world. They have a small population of about 300 and are a captivating sight that you must see when you are there. These inland seals have recovered some of their numbers since they were shut off from the sea in Lake Saimaa during the Ice Age, but they’re still in danger, making the chance to view them a truly wonderful one.

The reindeer, though not quite as rare, is a magnificent animal that lives in Finland. Seeing reindeer, whether as part of your Christmas celebration or when exploring Lapland, is definitely something that all holiday travelers should put on their bucket lists. In Northern Lapland, reindeer have a long history of association with the Sámi people. After being domesticated and herded, reindeer were first hunted. Because of this, although reindeer are allowed to roam freely in Finnish Lapland, none of them are genuinely in the wild. Instead, they are all owned by someone. Visit a reindeer farm in Finland to discover more about these fascinating creatures. Take a reindeer sleigh ride, stroll the reindeer, or practice yoga with the reindeer! Those animals can be considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Finland.

top reasons to visit finland

top reasons to visit finland

Immerse Yourself in Great Literature

Literature written in Finland is referred to as Finnish literature. The first document written in a Finnic language during the early Middle Ages in Europe is the exceptional Birch Bark Letter No. 292 from Novgorod from the thirteenth century. The material was presented in Cyrillic and was written in a Finnic dialect used in the Olonets area of Russia. During the Finnish Middle Ages, the earliest texts in Finland were written in either Swedish or Latin.

The rise in education and nationalism following Finland’s incorporation into the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 19th century encouraged public interest in folklore and led to an increase in Finnish literary output. The majority of the important works of the time were produced in either Swedish or, to a growing extent, Finnish, upholding a strong Finnish identity.

Although Finnish literature is not well studied, there are many examples that show all facets of Finnish culture. The ancient Finnish people’s creation myth is one of many tales included in the national epic poem Kalevela. Writing was strongly influenced by Aleksis Kivi, the first author to write in Finnish and depict common Finns, especially in his most well-known narrative “The Seven Brothers.” In addition to her literary fiction, Tove Jansson has recently seen tremendous international success with her Mumij Troll children’s book series. The Unknown Soldier, a military novel by Väine Linn, was made into a well-known war movie that is still shown on July 4th. All of these novels are available in English translation in the majority of the big Finnish book stores.

top reasons to visit finland

top reasons to visit finland

A Country for Rock Music Lovers

If Finland had the largest proportion of metal bands per person, what would you think of that? Finland is the only country in Europe that even comes close to having that many metal bands per million residents, according to research. With good cause, the Finns are regarded as one of Europe’s biggest metal fans!

Finland has a long history of active metal bands, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that they truly attained international fame with their symphonic metal masterpieces Nightwish and HIM, two bands that also contributed to the rise in popularity of the subgenre known as love metal or gothic metal. The popularity of metal music in Finland didn’t end there; bands like Children of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene, Barathrum, Battlelore, and Krypts helped make their nation a success on a global scale.

Lordi, who are renowned for their costumes that are inspired by monster movies, are still the only metal act to have won the Eurovision Song Contest. The Rasmus, Children of Bodom, and Nightwish are a few more well-known bands. Throughout the year, both domestic and foreign metal bands can be seen performing across the nation, particularly at festivals like the Ilosaarirock Festival in Joensuu.

top reasons to visit finland

top reasons to visit finland