Top Reasons to Visit Lebanon

1. Delicious cuisines, 2. A place for history lovers, 3. The cosmopolitan and hipster life of Beirut, 4. Byblos city, 5. Great all year round, 6. Amazing wine at pretty great prices, 7. Lebanese nightlife culture, 8. One-of-a-kind adventures, 9. Spectacular beaches, 10. Friendly local. On the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, there is a small nation called Lebanon. It is a natural wonder that is accessible throughout the year. Like the rest of the Middle East, Lebanon is still considered a conflict zone and still bears the scars of its civil war, but it also has a lot to offer. Travelers from all over the world choose Lebanon as their destination because of the country's rich history, which dates back to the Phoenician era, and its countless points of interest. Here are some of the reasons to visit Lebanon.

  1. Delicious cuisines
  2. A place for history lovers
  3. The cosmopolitan and hipster life of Beirut
  4. Byblos city
  5. Great all year round
  6. Amazing wine at pretty great prices
  7. Lebanese nightlife culture
  8. One-of-a-kind adventures
  9. Spectacular beaches
  10. Friendly local

Delicious cuisines

The culinary customs and practices that have their roots in Lebanon are known as Lebanese cuisine. There are plenty of whole grains, fruits, veggies, fresh fish, and shellfish to choose from. Red meat is less frequently consumed than poultry, and when it is, lamb and goat meat are more frequently consumed. Large quantities of garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice are used liberally in the cooking process. The Lebanese diet also includes parsley and chickpeas as staples. This can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Lebanon.

Lebanon’s cuisine combines European cooking methods with spices and regional influences because it is located at the intersection of East and West and is endowed with the Mediterranean’s richness and the fertile crescent. Tabbouleh, kefta, and kebbeh are three well-known dishes of Lebanese cuisine that are well-known worldwide. In addition, Lebanon has a variety of novel foods, such knafeh, a cheese-filled semolina pastry soaked in sweet syrup, and man’oushe, a thin version of breakfast pizza. Pack your bags and head to Lebanon to experience the real deal because this dish never quite tastes the same anyplace else.

Check out Abu Naim on Hamra Street or Mayrig in the city. Better yet, take a stroll and choose a restaurant to sample some of the world’s top food. There is a vast variety of meal types, and everything will be delicious, from basic food carts in the souks to lavish meals in glitzy restaurants.

top reasons to visit lebanon


top reasons to visit lebanon


A place for history lovers

You have arrived at one of the birthplaces of modernity. A seemingly limitless number of civilizations have made their mark in Lebanon, to the point where it is now home to one of the oldest towns still under continuous human habitation, Byblos, where the first writings using the Western alphabet were discovered. With people dating back to between 7700 and 8000 BC, Byblos, which is located 30 kilometers north of Beirut, is possibly the oldest continuously occupied city on Earth. The word “Bible” actually originates from Byblos. The Middle East’s power struggle continues to be centered on Lebanon, which has historically been dominated by the Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Arabs, Umayyads, Mamluks, Ottomans, and French, among others.

With intriguing historical monuments, stunning old structures, and a richly variegated history, Lebanon has made a name for itself worldwide. Anjar, Baalbeck, the Cedar Forests and Qadisha Valley, Byblos, and Tyre are five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lebanon that are recognized as having “Outstanding Cultural or Natural Importance to the Common Heritage of Humanity.” Due to the extremely diverse archeological remains from the Roman civilisation to the Mamelouk era concluding with the Ottoman Empire, it is the ideal location for religious tourism.

top reasons to visit lebanon


top reasons to visit lebanon


The cosmopolitan and hipster life of Beirut

In many ways, Beirut resembles the Phoenix, after which its ancient inhabitants, the Phoenicians, were named because they consistently seemed to triumph over adversity. Elisée Reclus, a French geographer, stated in the 1800s, “Come what may: the conquerors move on and the city is reborn behind them,” “This city is one of those that must live and relive.” It can be considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Lebanon.

Beirut is currently undergoing a second rebirth, so going now is like seeing a place just before it takes the stage again on the international arena. Lebanese with Western appearances gather for coffee in endless hipster-style cafes. international artists congregate in art galleries to speak over a beer or glass of wine. young Arabs drinking in large groups in the middle of the street. If you visit Beirut’s trendy Gemmayzeh neighborhood, you will temporarily forget that you are in the middle of one of the world’s most unrest-ridden regions. You get to observe the creative process, the blunders and the brainstorms, the recoveries from mistakes, and the kinks because not all of them have been ironed out. If you arrive much later, everything will be set up, running smoothly, and possibly less interesting.

top reasons to visit lebanon


top reasons to visit lebanon


Byblos city

Given that it has been continuously inhabited for more than 7,000 years, the northern city Byblos in Lebanon is one of the cities considered as contenders for the title of “oldest city in the world.” Just think—humans have been residing there since the year 5000 BC! Additionally, it offers a wealth of chances for exploration for you as a traveler. The first writings using the current Western alphabet were discovered in Byblos. It is highly advised to visit this historic city.

In addition to its historical significance, Byblos city has frequently been cited as the best Arab or Middle Eastern metropolis. To give you an idea, Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra frequented this establishment in their heyday. It is a popular tourist destination thanks to its historic harbor, Phoenician, Roman, and Crusader ruins, sandy beaches, and the scenic mountains that surround it. The city is renowned for its seafood eateries, outdoor pubs, and cafes. As they did in the 1960s and 1970s, when Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra were frequent visitors to Byblos city, yachts are still cruising into its harbor. It does convey an idea of how opulent and incredible this city must be!

top reasons to visit lebanon


top reasons to visit lebanon


Great all year round

Finding things to do in Lebanon will be simple for anyone, even if your research is not very complete. Do you comprehend the reason? Being the only country in the Middle East with four distinct seasons makes them proud. The four distinct seasons that exist in Lebanon are a pleasant fall, a chilly winter, a warm spring, and a hot summer. Hiking, skiing, surfing, and swimming are just a few of the activities available during each season. Only Lebanon among the Arab nations lacks a desert.

Simply put, it means there is accommodation for all kinds of travelers. Beach? Ok. Do the mountains have snow? Ok. Forest hiking? Ok! The best part is that you can experience every aspect of Lebanon’s weather in just one day. Because Lebanon is so small, getting from the mountains to the beach will take you no time at all! This can be considered as one of the reasons to visit Lebanon.

top reasons to visit lebanon
top reasons to visit lebanon

Amazing wine at pretty great prices

You won’t hear much about Middle Eastern nations being known for their wine, but Lebanon is. One of the world’s oldest wine-producing regions is Lebanon. It certainly make sense that the grapes grow nicely in such ideal weather in Lebanon. Actually, it’s one of the oldest locations in the world where wine is made! Although there is no rush, it might be worthwhile to explore more.

For thousands of years, the region has used grapes to make delicious nectar, and business has recently exploded. The Beqaa Valley is the area with the most fame. You can get Lebanese wine (including Provencal-style rosé) at the majority of eateries, or you can visit the picturesque grounds of Ixsir, which are just outside of Betroun, for a tasting and tour. For a real treat, visit on the weekend when Nicolas Audi à la Maison d’Ixsir serves up a copious and incredibly authentic Lebanese lunch buffet. Nothing like it has ever been seen before.

top reasons to visit lebanon


top reasons to visit lebanon


Lebanese nightlife culture

Travel is done for a variety of purposes. Some people look for adventure, while others enjoy trying new foods, and yet others are interested in trying something new or making new friends. For those who come to Lebanon to celebrate, there is a vibrant nightlife where you may sing, dance, and have a good time. It can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Lebanon.

Forget about all the Lebanon-related news. When you get there, you’ll see that despite all the difficulties and tensions of everyday life that the Western media primarily concentrates on, there are also pleasant nights. People from Lebanon are renowned as party animals. An ordinary Lebanese typically enjoys themselves at least once every week, whether it be at a family gathering, in nightclubs, or at concerts. One of the finest reasons to visit Lebanon if you enjoy parties is for this reason.

Lebanon is a popular vacation spot for partygoers, ranking high among Ibiza, Sao Paolo, Berlin, and London. With music ranging from Arabic, English, French, Spanish, or a fusion, you can spend the night on a rooftop in Beirut, by the sea, or dance until dawn on top of a mountain while sampling the best cocktails and libations. Cheers!!!

top reasons to visit lebanon


top reasons to visit lebanon

One-of-a-kind adventures

As was already noted, there are a range of activities available during each of the four seasons, including hiking, diving, skiing, paragliding, rafting, and mountain climbing. The region’s most sought-after ski slopes are in the Lebanon Mountains; cave and wreck diving are must-do sports; paragliding over cedar forests or the Jounieh Bay; and rafting in the Assi River are some of the most entertaining pursuits.

Paragliding will be the ideal activity if you are the kind of traveler looking for something to make your heart beat a little faster. Is it safe to go paragliding in Lebanon? Many locations in Lebanon provide those breathtaking vistas from the top. They’ve been providing this exercise for a while, too!

The natural beauty of Lebanon will wow you if you enjoy being outside. You’ll be able to glimpse canyons and the verdant mountain slopes there! Perhaps because Lebanon is so underrepresented in outdoor tourism and as a result, the vistas are unknown. Nevertheless, breath-takingly magnificent. Allow this unusual beauty’s white and green pathways to astound you.

You shouldn’t be shocked to learn that Lebanon offers stunning ski resorts and naturally snowy mountains. One of the few places in the world where you can go skiing in the morning and have lunch on a warm beach is Lebanon. Each year, many international skiers travel to Lebanon to take advantage of the country’s ski resorts.

top reasons to visit lebanon
top reasons to visit lebanon


Spectacular beaches

Lebanon offers some of the most picturesque beaches in the Middle East thanks to its extensive coastline that runs along the Mediterranean. The best free public beaches in Lebanon are in Southern Lebanon, in the city of Tyre, if you don’t live at a beach resort. This is considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Lebanon.

White sand and crystal blue water may be seen at the idyllic beach of Sur. The cuisine is very great and fresh just by the ocean. A private resort, Jiyeh (a beach village 20 minutes from Beirut) is ideal for a weekend with your family or friends. The pleasure of unwinding at this lovely sandy beach is greatly enhanced by the prepared meals.

There are numerous beach clubs and resorts that combine the beauty of the cerulean-colored sea with soft sand and pretty, cosmopolitan people — no burqinis here! Public beaches are somewhat unreliable for tourists. One of them is Eddé Sands in Byblos, which has daybeds, a restaurant, a spa, and multiple pools. Another club, Lazy B, is close to the city’s southern border. The best poolside food is served at Madame Bleu, which is located in Beirut.

top reasons to visit lebanon
top reasons to visit lebanon


Friendly local

The people of Lebanon are among the key factors influencing foreign travelers to return there. The people of Lebanon are friendly and welcoming. They are happy to host guests for a cup of tea or a full supper at their homes and speak both French and English fluently. The population of Lebanon is incredibly diverse, making it also quite accepting and friendly to travelers. And let’s not even begin to discuss the renowned hospitality of the Lebanon people! You’ll feel happy and privileged to have seen how hard they worked to make you feel at home.

There are many characteristics attributed to Lebanese, but arguably the three that are most frequently mentioned are an enthusiasm for living, a tenacious will to survive, and a kind, welcoming demeanor toward strangers. Lebanon was classified as the second-most extroverted nation in the world in a recent initiative that evaluated individuals by nation. The Arabic greeting “ahlan wasahlan,” which means Welcome but can also be translated as “You’ve come to stay with relatives,” is one you’ll hear a lot when you visit.

You won’t get lost despite the lack of street signs and maps since locals are always willing to point you in the right path. They might even put their current task on hold to help you find your destination. Because Lebanon is the Middle East’s most open nation in practice (the law still needs to catch up), Western tourists can explore the country more freely and worry less about defying social mores. Be aware that one of the main reasons to visit Lebanon is to meet the Lebanese people.

top reasons to visit lebanon
top reasons to visit lebanon



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