Top Reasons to Visit Lesotho

1. Beautiful mountains, 2. The Subeng dinosaur footprints, 3. Step back in time to discover Bushman Paintings, 4. Ride a Basotho Pony, 5. Basotho people and their old culture, 6. Have a drink at the highest pub in Africa, 7. Visit the Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village, 8. Home to adventurous spots, 9. Get Inspired by Heaven-like scenery. A tiny landlocked nation inside of South Africa called the Kingdom of Lesotho has one of the strangest borders in the entire globe. Lesotho is known for its mountainous areas, breathtaking scenery, and thrilling adventure. Every traveler can find something to do in this nation. This country is undoubtedly worth seeing because of its stunning mountains and many adventure sports including skiing, water sports, and snowboarding. You will experience nature at its very best and learn so much new information. Here are some of the reasons to visit Lesotho.

  1. Beautiful mountains
  2. The Subeng dinosaur footprints
  3. Step back in time to discover Bushman Paintings
  4. Ride a Basotho Pony
  5. Basotho people and their old culture
  6. Have a drink at the highest pub in Africa
  7. Visit the Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village
  8. Home to adventurous spots
  9. Get Inspired by Heaven-like scenery

Beautiful mountains

The primary attractions in Lesotho are its mountains. Lesotho is located on a plateau in the highlands. South Africa encloses the area. It may surprise you to learn that it is the only nation wholly located at 1000 meters above sea level. Yes, you did read that right. It is called the “Kingdom in the Sky” for this reason. Lesotho is geographically separated into three regions: lowlands, highlands, and foothills. The lowlands follow the southern banks of the Caledon and Senqu River Valley, while the highlands are characterized by the Drakensburg and Maluti mountain ranges. Mountain Thabana Ntlenyana is the highest point (3482m). This can be seen as one of the reasons to visit Lethoso.

There are numerous locations in this nation for trekking if you enjoy it. If you are visiting Lesotho, you absolutely must go to the Drakensberg mountain range. The border between South Africa and Lesotho is formed by a mountain range. It is 3,482 meters high, and from there you can see both countries. You’ll definitely get goosebumps from the view! The environment would be extremely chilly, and the experience would be priceless.

top reasons to visit lesotho


top reasons to visit lesotho


The Subeng dinosaur footprints

The dinosaur footprints at Subeng are among the most significant sites of their kind in the nation. They are carved into a sandstone slab in a tiny creek. Paleontologists and archeologists will find Lesotho to be a utopia, as it is home to numerous dinosaur fossils and other prehistoric monuments. Follow the footprints of dinosaurs as you get ready to travel back in time. The world’s largest dinosaur footprint sites can be found in this unknown nation. The Subeng dinosaur footprints, which are made up of many prehistoric animal prints from about 200 million years ago, are preserved in sandstone.

If you look closely, you can also detect mud fissures and fossilized worm traces on other riverbed slabs. To the north of Hlotse are the footprints (some of the prominent locations are Morija, Subeng Stream, and Tsikoane). Subeng, which was found in 1955, has the footprints of at least three and potentially as many as six different dinosaur species, some of which had five toes and others had three. When you get there, unofficial local guides will be ready to direct you.

top reasons to visit lesotho


top reasons to visit lesotho


Step back in time to discover Bushman Paintings

There are numerous caverns all throughout Lesotho that have Bushman drawings, which connect the past to the present-day landscape. The artwork, which is derived from the San people (also known as the Bushman), shows creatures that are partially human and partially animal, hunters, and of course other mythological creatures in storyboards splayed over rock faces.

You’ll learn about the style of painting practiced by early humans. In this nation, San rock art is well-known. The artwork, which is often dark red in color, was created using materials that were easily accessible to the San people: finely crushed red pebbles and animal fats. The artwork has survived weathering for tens of thousands of years because to these composite materials and the cave’s protection.

Bushman paintings still exist today and can be seen throughout the Drakensberg, including the Malealea area. Utilize your guide and find out the interesting historical details you can about the scenes you see! It can be considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Lesotho.

top reasons to visit lesotho


top reasons to visit lesotho


Ride a Basotho Pony

Because it made it possible to travel through the untamed mountain ranges, the Basotho Pony has played a crucial role in Lesothian history. They are more than big enough to carry people and their loads even though they are called ponies. In actuality, they are renowned for their tenacity and steadfastness in the face of the difficult terrain.

Without taking a ride on a Basotho pony, no trip to Lesotho would be complete! Canyons, waterfalls, and even the Bushman art can all be visited on excursions. The Malealea Lodge, where the ponies are given the greatest care possible, is the place to make a reservation for this. The ponies are a welcome diversion from strenuous trekking and a fun way to see the nation and all of its landscapes. Pony journeys can last anywhere from two to eight hours. Simply choose a route, and the amiable tour guides will add fun, fascinating historical information, and, of course, safety precautions to the journey.

Circling Malealea Lodge, perhaps? Be sure to visit a neighborhood gift shop where you can purchase lovely handmade postcards. These were created by local schoolchildren using traditional linen materials. While doing all of this, you can take in views of the mountains.

top reasons to visit lesotho
top reasons to visit lesotho


Basotho people and their old culture

Lesotho is not a tourist hotspot. Far from it, there’s a strong possibility you won’t run into another visitor while throughout the nation, making it an excellent spot to get a taste of local culture. One of the nicest and friendliest people in the world is a Basotho. Everyone you pass will give you a friendly smile. Although Sesotho and English are both recognized as official languages of Lesotho, Sesotho is the primary language used there. Even though there is a clear language barrier, it won’t matter because you’ll have fun trying to understand one another and remember the people you meet long after you leave Lesotho.

One of the most distinctive cultural practices of the Basotho people is the Basotho blanket, which is characterized by its many hues and designs. Woolen blankets are worn by folks everywhere you go in the country. The majority of the year in Lesotho is chilly, making this clothing perfect for that time of year. High in the Mountains is where the majority of the communities are found. The villages are divided into various categories. Kraals make up each section. Kraals today refer to a group of structures owned by a single family. Some are used for sleeping, some for cooking, and one is used for storage. Here, a variety of crops are grown, including wheat, onions, sorghum, beans, and many more! The primary mode of transportation in the mountains is the Basotho pony, which you will also see.

top reasons to visit lesotho


top reasons to visit lesotho

Have a drink at the highest pub in Africa

The “highest pub in Africa” is located in the clouds at the summit of the Sani Pass (2,874 meters above sea level). A beer can be had, and you may even spend the night in the sky. Even though getting there is a hassle, once you arrive, you will enjoy one of the most well-earned cocktails of your life. The highest pub in Africa, Sani Mountain Pass Bar offers nothing less than an epic drinking experience. Even though it takes some effort to get there, once you do, you’ll be enjoying one of the most well-earned beverages of your life while gazing down at the pass from which you just came and eager to leave and explore more of the surrounding area. Having said that, the pub has other intriguing features besides its elevation.

You could notice the surrounding air becoming a little foggy and wet as you and your group finish your cocktails and discuss the mountain adventures you’ll be having the following day. It’s possible that when the clouds roll in, they will surround the lodge rather than just hover over it. You are literally above the clouds where you are. But because of this, it’s strongly advised to drink moderately. If you’ve ever indulged in a few drinks while skiing, you’re probably already aware of the negative effects of drinking at high altitudes. Basically, the amount of time it takes to feel buzzed at sea level is reduced by half by the time you reach 10,000 feet. After only one drink at the Sani Mountain Lodge, even experienced drinkers could feel a little queasy.

But at least you’ll be satisfied because the lodge has a chef who makes hearty high-altitude meals in the bar to keep you grounded, including lamb stew and mountain sausages. Simply arrange to be driven up or down if you have a reservation at the lodge. During the colder months, the cozy bar offers homemade “glühwein,” and delicious lunches can be had for as little as R55 ($3.5).

top reasons to visit lesotho
top reasons to visit lesotho

Visit the Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village

The distance between Maseru and the former Lesotho capital is 24 kilometers (15 miles). Thaba Bosiu, which translates to “mountain at night,” is said to enlarge at night to defend its inhabitants from outsiders and enemies. The cultural village, museum, café, and amphitheater are all part of this lovely complex. The cultural village and the museum both offer insightful information on the region’s history as well as the Basotho people and their way of life.

The Thaba Bosiu village is one of Lesotho’s most significant historical sites as well as a natural attraction. King Moshoeshoe I, who founded the Basotho Nation, built a castle on the sandstone plateau. It is also the place where he and his forebears are buried today. This can be considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Lesotho.

Thaba Bosiu, which translates to “mountain at night,” is said to enlarge at night to defend its inhabitants from outsiders and enemies. In times of danger or protracted sieges, the Basotho people would congregate on the plateau, which acted as a natural fortification. Booking a guided trip will allow visitors to see the spectacular dunes, the grave of King Moshoeshoe I, and the ruins of the Royal Village.

top reasons to visit lesotho
top reasons to visit lesotho


Home to adventurous spots

Lesotho is a country that values outdoor exploration. The remote and mountainous “Switzerland of Africa,” with its unobstructed highland views, clean mountain air, and predominately rural population, is a great vacation spot for active travelers looking for a break from urbanization, 24-hour connectivity, and other trappings of contemporary civilisation.

These historic bridle paths, which have been used by generations of Sotho shepherds and horsemen to travel between village and grazing pasture, offer numerous opportunities for hiking and trekking, trail running, and horseback riding through the breathtaking mountain scenery that is typical of Lesotho. Lesotho has a spectacular terrain. Lesotho’s rivers and glittering mountain streams are perfect for fly-fishing for trout and yellowfish.

A checklist of more than 350 species, including numerous localized regional endemics and other highland specialties, awaits birdwatchers. The highland’s rocky escarpments are ideal for paragliding and hang gliding launches, as well as for climbing and abseiling.

The magnificent Sani Pass and Matabeng Pass, as well as the more extreme Tlaeeng Pass, which ranks as the highest road in sub-equatorial Africa and summits at 3,275 meters, are just a few of the really difficult unsurfaced routes that 4×4 enthusiasts can explore. Lesotho is one of the highest countries in Africa and is far enough from the equator to be home to Afriski Mountain Resort, one of only two places in the area with ski slopes that are open from June to August. This may come as a surprise to some.

top reasons to visit lesotho
top reasons to visit lesotho

Get Inspired by Heaven-like scenery

Despite its modest size, Lesotho offers a vast array of opportunities. Lesotho is located on a highland plateau and is surrounded by South Africa. The mountains are the main draw for tourists to Lesotho. In the winter, there are snow-capped mountain ranges, boundless green meadows, rolling hills and mountains, stunning waterfalls, and the sporadic wandering shepherd and his flock. Only sporadic San villages made of thatch occasionally interrupt the vast grass plains. The countryside is untamed and primitive. Even bigger mountain dams are only just beginning to tame the vast mountain rivers. Around every bend, there are breathtaking waterfalls or views of valleys, and the hiking is absolutely amazing!

It’s best to think of a trip to Lesotho as an opportunity for digital detoxing because there isn’t great cell coverage there. Neither is the WiFi. Then Lesotho will not only inspire you to disconnect from technology and take in the beauty of nature, but its beauty will also keep you from even considering it.

top reasons to visit lesotho


top reasons to visit lesotho



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