Top Strangest Weather Phenomena in the world

1. The Chi’yang Event, 2. Blackbird Shower, 3. Lluvia de Pecas, 4. Steam Devils, 5. Condo Fog, 6. Sun Dogs, 7. Atmospheric Rivers and Lakes, 8. Star Jelly, 9. Watermelon Snow, 10. The Kentucky Meat Shower. Weather gods were present in almost all ancient polytheistic societies. The god of thunder, Thor, is well known to most people, but there were also gods of the wind, rain, lightning, and other elements in North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Men have always been interested and perplexed by the weather. Even now, when science can explain everything instead of relying on the whims of all-powerful creatures, there are still anomalies that appear occasionally and confound the best of them, some of which are not even weather-related at all. So, bearing that in mind, let's look at Strangest Weather Phenomena in the world.

  1. The Chi’yang Event
  2. Blackbird Shower
  3. Lluvia de Pecas
  4. Steam Devils
  5. Condo Fog
  6. Sun Dogs
  7. Atmospheric Rivers and Lakes
  8. Star Jelly
  9. Watermelon Snow
  10. The Kentucky Meat Shower

The Chi’yang Event

Weather may be dangerous and terrible. According to legend, the 1900 Galveston hurricane claimed the lives of 8,000 to 12,000 individuals. Up to 500,000 people may have perished in the Bhola cyclone of 1970. In the US, lightning claims the lives of about 20 individuals each year. In certain cases, hail has even killed people. What about other aerial destruction, though? How dangerous is it when it rains fire?

People in Ch’ing-yang, China, witnessed what is now thought to have been an exploding asteroid around the year 1490. However, at the time it was viewed as a hail of rocks scattering death and disaster throughout the countryside. At least 10,000 people are thought to have perished in the incident. According to reports, the stones that dropped ranged in weight from 1 to 1.5 kilos. Some were supposed to be the size of water chestnuts, while others were supposed to be the size of goose eggs. However, they were also falling from space, and they must have been moving at an unbelievable speed. There is precedent for items breaking into many thousands of pieces, which could explain the death toll if it occurred in a populous region, and historical accounts of the incident are thought to be accurate.

Time: 1490

Location: China

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

Blackbird Shower

Stories of animals falling from the sky are common throughout history. There are other examples, including the lluvia de pecas. Tadpoles and frogs are equally common. Spiders have a reputation for dropping like rain and maggots. Hundreds of yellow-headed blackbirds also descended from the skies over Chihuahua, Mexico, in 2022.

The blackbird episode was recorded on video, so you can see it happen in real-time and it is quite dramatic, unlike many of the previous instances of animal rain. Sadly, many of the birds that crashed like they were being dumped by the bucketful did not survive the fall. Why, though, did it occur in the first place? Birds can fly, however, frogs at least have a reason for falling when they take to the air.

The most likely explanation, while it’s just a theory, is that the birds were “flushed,” meaning that a large, predatory bird likely swooped down on the flock and, in a panic, they all flew as fast as their small wings could carry them. The outcome was a poorly timed escape in which too many people fell to the ground too quickly.

Time: 2022

Location: Mexico

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

Lluvia de Pecas

Animal rain is an odd phenomenon, to be sure, but nowadays there are so many publications about it that it’s simple to find explanations. Usually, the reason that creatures like fish and frogs appear to have fallen from the sky is that to waterspouts have moved the animals from one body of water to another or simply flash floods that have caused the appearance of the animals had fallen. However, Yoro, Honduras’s lluvia de pecas, or fish rain, functions somewhat differently.

Yoro is unique in that it frequently has fish rain. Teams from organizations like National Geographic have been witnesses to this once or twice-a-year occurrence. It has, at least in part. Although they saw fish on the ground, they were unable to prove that fish were indeed falling from the sky. The tiny, silvery fish that surface is not indigenous to the area. They look to be blind as well. Because of this, some have theorized that they live in an underground river and that, after exceptionally severe storms, they are flooded to the surface and abandoned there. This would explain why they never appear elsewhere, as might be the case if a waterspout were depositing them.

Time: 2021

Location: Honduras

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

Steam Devils

When a dry area of ground warms up faster than the surrounding ground, it creates a dust devil because the rising air starts to circulate like a weak tornado and lifts the dust with it. Even if it isn’t a very common phenomenon, many of us have at least heard about it. There are other weather devils as well, though. In some aspects, the far more uncommon but similarly stygian steam devil differs from its dusty cousin by occurring over bodies of water or moist ground as opposed to dusty areas of land. When the light strikes it and starts to warm the frozen surface to provide the necessary temperature difference, they have been seen forming on the icy grass.

It develops when opposing air temperatures produce a vortex, much like a dust devil. In this instance, a blast of colder air often finds warm water before a steam devil forms on it. Water vapor from below is drawn up by the warm, moist air from the water as it rises into the cold air and starts to rotate. They frequently only reach heights of a few meters and typically don’t grow very tall.

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

Condo Fog

The topic of man-made climate change is now a contentious one, but if you’re still not convinced that people can influence the weather, consider condo fog for the most striking illustration you’ll ever see. Condo fog is a phenomenon that is most famously seen in Panama City, Florida, which is caused when hot, humid air strikes a constructed wall of condominiums. It comes in from the Gulf of Mexico, crashes against the apartment building wall, rises into the air, cools, and condenses into a wave of white fog.

Every 100 meters of elevation rise results in an air temperature drop of around 1 degree Celsius. In order to pass the condos, the air had to ascend just 50 meters, yet the temperature decrease of just half a degree was enough to cause clouds to form. Once it passes the structure, the temperature returns to normal, the clouds dissipate, and just the condos remain wrapped in mist. Although it’s fascinating to watch it unfold over buildings, a similar process also causes mountain peaks to be shrouded in fog. When we observe it on mountains rather than coastal structures, we simply consider it to be more typical.

Time: 2012

Location: Florida, United States

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

Sun Dogs

Sun Dogs is one of the Craziest Instances of Freaky Weather Phenomena. It goes without saying that anything with a name like a sun dog had to be at least somewhat cool, and fortunately, this unusual phenomenon actually is. A sun dog can only be found under very specific circumstances, therefore you must be quite lucky. Specifically, a 22-degree angle is required. Cirrus or cirrostratus clouds must have ice crystals that are suspended in the atmosphere. Sun dogs, sometimes known as fake suns, can be seen if the clouds and you, the spectator, are in the proper positions.

The result of a sun dog is that the sun appears to be surrounded by a large halo of light, and another sun can be seen on either side of the halo’s boundary. They can give the impression of having spikes or coronas depending on how you look at them. Thus, there are three suns at once, with the other two frequently seeming to be slightly smaller than the main sun.

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

Atmospheric Rivers and Lakes

Atmospheric lakes and rivers are a relatively recent discovery and are exactly what they sound like. Aerial rivers are very amazing, and the idea of them is a little older than lakes. An atmospheric river is a stream of water vapor in the atmosphere that can spread out over 400 miles and reach lengths of 1000 miles. When they come down, they can dump a ton of water. up to 25 Mississippi rivers’ worth of water. There’s also the more recently found atmospheric lake if that’s a little too intense for you.

An atmosphere lake is a large body of water vapor in the clouds, similar to an atmospheric river but not moving as quickly. In essence, it resembles a lake in the sky. The atmospheric lake discovered over the Indian Ocean was thought to contain enough water to form a puddle 620 miles wide but just a few inches deep, in contrast to the river, which sounds quite intense. They originate in tropical locations close to coastal areas and migrate in places with absolutely no wind at all. They can also continue for almost a week since they move slowly, providing rain to frequently extremely dry and desert areas.

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

Star Jelly

It’s possible that you could promote Star Jelly as a breakfast item, but it is irrelevant right now. Due to the fact that humans prefer to group all weird slime under the same heading, star jelly’s origins, in reality, could have come from a wide variety of sources. Star jelly may come from a variety of sources, some of which may be hazardous, despite the fact that folklore has it believing it fell from the sky (thus the name).

A gelatinous substance known as star jelly, sometimes known as astromyxin or astral jelly, can occasionally be observed on grass or even tree branches. Folklore holds that it falls to the planet during meteor showers. It is described as a transparent or grayish-white gelatin that “falls” and then quickly evaporates. The explanations given have included everything from cyanobacterial byproducts to the carcasses of frogs, toads, or worms. The material has been the subject of reports since the 14th century and is still being reported now.

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

Watermelon Snow

Despite the fact that watermelon snow seems like it should be tasty, if you ever see it, you should not eat it. Snow that has been contaminated with Chlamydomonas nivalis algae is what it is rather than a delightful, refreshing treat. This is one of the Craziest Instances of Freaky Weather Phenomena. This particular type of algae just enjoys snow, as opposed to most algae, which are content to grow in ponds or stagnant water. In addition, even while you can technically exist on it in modest amounts, you’ll definitely end up with diarrhea.

Typically, it is what is referred to as summer snow algae, which means that it grows best in snow that remains in high-altitude areas through the summer when lower-altitude locations are experiencing milder temperatures. In the snow, it leaves behind reddish-pink streaks or pockets that resemble blood. Actually, the algae are shielded from UV light by the red portion.

Location: Sierra Nevada of California

top strangest weather phenomena in the world
top strangest weather phenomena in the world

The Kentucky Meat Shower

Rest assured that nowhere in Kentucky does it consistently rain meat. However, that does not imply that it never did. And after you know the whole story, you’ll wish it had just been meat rain since that’s a lot less revolting than what really happened to generate this strange occurrence. The citizens of Olympia Springs were treated to a show of meat from the sky on one particular day in 1876, which was considered to be fairly large in scope. One witness said it was “a horse wagon full,” which was merely an 1876 way of saying “a lot” and was not a true measurement. It covered a 50 by-100-yard area. People then emerged to view the meat, which was scattered in little pieces and crumbs. A few brave and/or foolish people decided to taste the flesh to try and identify what it was.

While the majority of the people lost interest once the meat was sent for analysis, one scientist did come up with an explanation. Vultures had provided the meat. That is to say, they ate it and then threw it up all over the city as they flew. It turns out that vultures will vomit all over if they become alarmed. They become lighter as a result, which speeds up the escape. The theory makes sense in light of the meat’s state.

Time: 1876

Location: Olympia Springs, United States

top strangest weather phenomena in the world

top strangest weather phenomena in the world