Top Things to Know Before Traveling to Mongolia

1. Plan, 2. Special Throat Singing Performance, 3. Safety, 4. Beware Dehydration, 5. Cuisine, 6. Sewage System, 7. Expensive tour outside Ulaanbaatar, 8. Your companion, 9. Dust & Pollen Allergies, 10. Books, 11. Festivals. Mongolia is an enchantment for history, culture, environment, and adventure visitors alike. Despite this, it is one of the world's least frequented tourist destinations (134 out of 188). Mongolia's tourism sector and infrastructure are still in their infancy, and many tourists confront uncertainty while organizing their travels.Then check out Things to Know Before Traveling to Mongolia to have the best preparation for your trip.

  1. Plan
  2. Special Throat Singing Performance
  3. Safety
  4. Beware Dehydration
  5. Cuisine
  6. Sewage System
  7. Expensive tour outside Ulaanbaatar
  8. Your companion
  9. Dust & Pollen Allergies
  10. Books
  11. Festivals


Mongolia is unique in terms of culture, history, and geography. However, Mongolia travel resources and local communication might feel as limited as the country itself. Travelers visiting Mongolia should research and make a plan ahead of time to take advantage of some of the unique possibilities available only in Mongolia. This is absolutely one of the things to know before traveling to Mongolia that you should keep on your mind.

Another helpful advice to consider before beginning on your Mongolia road trip is to make sure you have a perfect plan for storing enough petrol, tires, and insurance. Whether or whether you use them, these handy lifelines will provide you with peace of mind on your journey. When hiring a car or choosing a driver, keep in mind the difficult circumstances of the landscape.

Mongolian terrain may be difficult to navigate, so a 4X4 is your best chance for getting across the nation. Whether meandering across the steppes, passing over a mountain pass, or trekking into the desert, the best way to experience the nation is to get in the vehicle and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

Special Throat Singing Performance

Mongolian Special Throat Singing Performance has been a unique component of Mongolian music and culture for generations. This is absolutely one of the things to know before traveling to Mongolia. Throat singers frequently perform while playing a horsehead violin, a bow-stringed instrument (morin khuur).

The lips, throat, mouth roof, tongue, and molars/jaw are all used to change the voice tone. This particular type of music can only be found in this part of Asia (Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Tuva, and Siberia). So many tourists are uninformed of its existence that they will visit Mongolia but not attend a performance. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance and cultural encounter!

Because the art of overtone and throat singing developed in Mongolia’s southwestern provinces of Khovd and Govi-Altai, Mongolia is the most active center of Special Throat Singing Performance. Throat singing is said to have evolved from people’s attempts to imitate natural sounds such as a river running, a mountain echo, or the sound of animals. Mongolians, as you may know, have a nomadic lifestyle that is primarily reliant on herding animals. People used to take care of livestock by following them about while they were grazing to ensure that no wild creatures injured them and that they returned home.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

top things to know before traveling to mongolia


For outsiders, Mongolia is a generally safe nation. However, street crime and violent crime are on the rise, particularly in bigger towns and cities. Its most serious issue is small criminality, which you may face on the streets. Another concern in Mongolia is local government corruption, with many believing that the police are untrustworthy. Some even claim that Mongolia is the most corrupted country in Asia, therefore be cautious while speaking with officials.

When going by horse, be cautious because reports have been made of groups following visitors and then taking everything of their stuff, including the horses, as they sleep at night. In addition, Mongolian dogs are known to be violent and may run in groups, so you should be cautious and avoid any interactions with them because they might be rabid.

In terms of ensuring your safety, medical treatment is substandard, especially outside of Ulaanbaatar. It’s a good idea to have some basic medical supplies with you. Even if it’s an emergency, you’ll have to pay up front. You’ll require medical evacuation if you’re extremely ill or injured. Make sure this is covered by your travel insurance.

Another things to ensure your safety is that you should seek guidance from a local health care expert about vaccination alternatives, as well as any local help that may be available. Mongolia’s COVID-19 vaccination information is provided on the Mongolia Immigration Agency’s website.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

Beware Dehydration

Dehydration is frequent when traveling across Mongolia, therefore tourists must remember to drink enough of water on a regular basis. This is absolutely one of the things to know before traveling to Mongolia.Because the temperature is so hot and dry, you may not even realize when you sweat because the heat absorbs it quickly. However, you are losing water, and it is critical that you keep hydrated.

Mongolia was the first place where you could camp without feeling sticky or stuffy from moisture. Instead, you wake up parched and your mouth feels like the Gobi Desert. Mongolia is known as the “Land of Blue Skies” because it receives around 250 days of sunshine each year.

Finally, curly-haired people, Mongolia will provide you with some of the greatest hair days of your life! Mongolia’s recent dehydration has been linked to huge social and environmental changes, including the relocation of hundreds of thousands of herders to the capital city, the disappearance of lakes, and grassland productivity losses.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

top things to know before traveling to mongolia


Mongolia imports a large portion of its food due to its hard terrain and climate, and it mainly relies on canned food, cereals, and animal products such as mutton (tight matured sheep meat). If you’re a finicky eater or have special cuisine requirements: 1) Make sure you’re well-prepared by bringing the necessities. 2) Make sure the tour operator/cook understands your needs, and 3) stock up at the State Department Store Super Market. These are absolutely things to know before traveling to Mongolia.

Mongolians are sometimes misunderstood as having a particularly unhealthy cuisineconsisting only of meat and dairy items. However, as more tourists visit Mongolia and learn about the country’s sophisticated, well-balanced food, this misconception is steadily dissipating. Even if you’re a vegetarian, you’ll have no trouble finding cuisine in modern Mongolia, which ranges from non-vegetarian to vegetarian. Not only that, but you’ll learn about Mongolian milk vodka and the unusual way of making dairy goods.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

Sewage System

In Mongolia, you’ll have to make some mental changes. Outside of Ulaanbaatar, Western-style restrooms and sewage systems are uncommon. Most restrooms are either large expanses of terrain in front of you from which to select a location, or latrines where the flies swarm around your buttocks so noisily that you can hardly hear your own thoughts.

In terms of sewage system, prepare yourself mentally for the change. Bring toilet paper, baby wipes, and any nutritional supplements you may require. Maintain water to avoid dehydration-related digestive issues. In Mongolia, around 30% of all houses are linked to wastewater treatment plants and sewage pipes.

According to the most latest statistics from the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, there were 103 wastewater treatment plants countrywide in 2006. However, just 40% were in regular operation and complied with environmental regulations. Over a quarter of treatment facilities were not operating on a regular basis, and 34% were inoperable.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

Expensive tour outside Ulaanbaatar

For many tourists, Ulaanbaatar is a hit or miss destination. On the surface, there doesn’t appear to be much to do, yet you can’t help but want to see more. It had the sense of a little town in Upstate New York or a state college town, but with 1.4 million people and a lot of terrifying traffic.

The majority of the city’s prominent tourist attractions, on the other hand, are located outside of the city. As a result, the most critical aspect to consider during your Mongolia vacation is how to get out of the city. Many roads in Mongolia’s rural areas are unpaved. Some “highways” are on the steppe or in the desert, so if you are unfamiliar with the region, you may quickly become disoriented with nothing but sky and sand all around you.

As a result, automobile rentals are not recommended, and most visitors hire drivers to take them on a tour around Mongolia. There are plenty of planned tours available, however prices vary based on the number of people in your group. They range in price from $100 to $40 each day. They are expensive, and unless you know them personally, there is almost always a middleman.

It’s critical to do your homework to figure out where you want to travel, which tours have the highest evaluations, and to express precisely what you want to get out of this trip. Keep in mind that you are in a foreign culture, so maintaining frequent and clear communication is essential to making the most of your time there.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

Your companion

If you’re a budget solo traveler in Mongolia, and you’re looking for other passengers to join you on a trip during the given duration, be cautious about your companion. There are offers to split costs on a trip through rural Mongolia from time to time, but you should decline since you couldn’t locate another group.

It’s understandable that you want to save money, but some folks you don’t know about your companion will sabotage your trip. They may be bone dry in personality, meticulous in many areas, and easily/unpredictably offended by a variety of things, ranging from seating arrangements to requesting bespoke diversions.

Their presence will make you understand how important it is to carefully select who you want to accompany you on the trips. You’ll be deep in the rural desert, far from the capital, once you’ve joined the trip. There is no going back and no money back. When there are no other distractions but each other’s presence, your travel companions may either dampen or elevate your attitude. Choose carefully if you are sensitive to the social energy surrounding you.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia
top things to know before traveling to mongolia

Dust & Pollen Allergies

The Gobi desert is arid and vast, yet the winds may take up dust, grass, and tree pollen from everywhere. The steppe is generally green and the trees are flowering in the summer. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you should bring all of your allergy medication with you when visiting Mongolia.

During the last several days of their tour to rural Mongolia, someone claimed to have had asthmatic flare-ups and hay fever. On the northeast coast, it feels like spring is in full swing. If your allergies are minor or moderate, one allergy tablet should suffice. Prepare sufficiently in the form of allergy medication, a face mask, or immuno-therapy injections before visiting rural Mongolia, depending on your allergen sensitivity.

Pet hair and dander, mold spores, and dust mites can all provoke allergy symptoms in dust from both inside and outside your house. You may get a runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing as a consequence.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

top things to know before traveling to mongolia


Because there will be few modern distractions throughout your Mongolia excursions, you will have lots of opportunities to reflect, be still, and be present. On those long 5-8 hour rides, though, you might want something a little stronger. I recommend packing one of our favorite travel adventure novels, pen/paper, and audio/podcasts for those exceptionally long rides/downtimes.

A book keeps your mind occupied so it doesn’t focus on your surroundings as much. That way, you may blissfully bury yourself in a wonderful book whether you’re suffering from an anxious episode of boredom or attempting to drown out a loud surroundings. In these instances, most of us use our iPhones or tablets to keep our thoughts occupied, but reading a book is so much better.

The finest novels are able to positively distract you from your surroundings. It’s difficult to draw yourself away from the tale once you’ve been engrossed in it. This is why, when traveling, you should always have a good book with you. Those moments when you can settle down and immerse yourself in a book will be treasured.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

top things to know before traveling to mongolia


Festivals are one of Things to Know Before Traveling to Mongolia. Mongolian festivals can range from small village gatherings to massive national events. You’ll enjoy the local experiences and social connections of the smaller events, so plan your trip so that you may join the festivities with a family or community; there’s nothing like cheering on the eagle hunter or wrestler with whom you’ve just spent the last few days. Here are several festivals that you might like to attend.

To begin, Mongolian New Year (Tsagaan Sar) is usually observed between the end of January and the beginning of February. Dairy items, mutton and horse meat, and rice with curds are all part of the traditional Tsagaan Sar feast. Families pay compliments to one another and consume mounds of dumplings. The Thousand Camel Festival, held in the Gobi Desert, is a celebration of the endangered Bactrian camel and its importance to the nomads of the Gobi. This yearly festival features camel racing and polo games, as well as displays of traditional Mongolian music and dancing.

top things to know before traveling to mongolia

top things to know before traveling to mongolia