Top Websites For Swimsuits

1. Summersalt, 2. Andie Swim, 3. Frankies Bikinis, 4. Vix Paula Hermanny, 5. Victoria's Secret, 6. Youswim, 7. Mara Hoffman. The best part about buying swimsuits online is that you can try them on without being constrained by the mirror and lighting in the changing rooms. Alternatively, you can relax in your own home while changing into a new swimwear. Here are the top websites for swimsuits. Toplist gives a ton of other brands' patterns and designs, sizes, components, and other recommendations.

  1. Summersalt
  2. Andie Swim
  3. Frankies Bikinis
  4. Vix Paula Hermanny
  5. Victoria’s Secret
  6. Youswim
  7. Mara Hoffman


The Summersalt website should become one of the best websites for swimsuits when looking for new swimwear. You may feel good about purchasing their swimwear because the company creates ultra-chic, designer-caliber swimwear with textiles made from recycled resources. Nevertheless, sustainability isn’t just about the material it’s made of; it’s also about how long it lasts. These swimsuits are built to last because to Summersalt’s quality, which reduces consumption and waste.

Everyone adores Summersalt for another reason: they focus on offering high-end designer swimwear at lower prices, therefore they have procedures in place to guarantee the lowest prices. Also, Summersalt cares about fit and did research on hundreds of women to identify the optimum sizes and shapes for their clothing, which is what we think is the coolest part. In addition to having pregnant and long torso choices, their swimsuits come in sizes up to 22. These swimsuits is that many of the styles feature built-in cushioning.

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top websites for swimsuits

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Andie Swim

It can be difficult to find a one-piece swimsuit that fits a long torso; fortunately, Andie is available. Nothing quite compares to the disappointment of ordering a gorgeous bikini online only to discover that when you try it on, it is too tight in all the wrong places. To make sure your suit is perfectly in accordance with your personal tastes, Andie Swim developed a Fit Finder questionnaire (using data from wear tests on hundreds of women). This way, you can be sure there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when your package is delivered.

The long torso swimwear brand has a whole area of their website devoted to it with a variety of styles to pick from so you can choose one that fits both your body type and personality. In addition to one-pieces, Andie has a ton of cute two-piece alternatives, such a swim skirt design that is so flattering that we can’t get enough of it. We particularly appreciate that the brand’s return policy is based on the date that your item was delivered, giving you the greatest amount of time to try it on. Be aware, though, that certain items are final sale.

Because some suits run small, sizing can be a bit confusing, but Andie customers have provided tons of wonderful advice on the product pages, so you can easily decide whether you need to size up or not.


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top websites for swimsuits

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Frankies Bikinis

A female-led beachwear and lifestyle company called Frankies Bikinis is renowned for its cutting-edge designs, cutting-edge materials, and inclusive selection of styles made for women of all shapes and sizes. Mimi and Francesca Aiello, a mother-daughter team, started creating bikinis at their Malibu home in 2012, and since then they have grown the business into a globally renowned one by working with influential women like Gigi Hadid, Naomi Osaka, Hailee Steinfeld, and Sofia Richie.

If you adore a certain pattern that Frankies Bikinis produces, chances are you’ll be able to discover a bikini style in that print as well. Every type of bikini top (and bottom!) is available, from triangle to bralette to halter and one strap. Women adore the brand’s bold designs and fabrics in addition to the variety of stylistic possibilities. They’re hip and fashionable, and some of them even have matching accessories, like this bikini with a Hawaiian print and this matching claw clip.

Since the company’s founding, Francesca has increased the range of products it offers by adding accessories, athleisure wear, clean beauty, and ready-to-wear clothes. Better retail stores across the country, such as Victoria’s Secret, Revolve, Intermix, Free People, Kith, and Browns, carry Frankies Bikinis designs.

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top websites for swimsuits

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Vix Paula Hermanny

Paula Hermanny has always dreamed of designing her swim and resort wear collection, starting her own retail business, and expanding her brand to become well-known all over the world from her humble origins growing up by the beach in Brazil. Her years of tenacious effort and perseverance allowed her to build her brand and realize her ambition of introducing Brazilian beach fashion to the American market.

The ViX brand has mastered the skill of deftly fusing priceless designs, colors, fabrics, and one-of-a-kind accents hand-crafted in Brazil to produce a line of swim, resort wear, and accessories over the course of 20 years. Together with these distinctive elements in the range, the brand is now known for its great fit, attractive silhouettes, and high quality.

Without Vix Paula Hermanny, one of Brazil’s legendary swimsuit brands, your summer mood board isn’t complete. Their 2023 spring collection features some of the most innovative designs, like color-blocked one-pieces and bikinis with intense saturation. However, if neutrals are more your style, it still has options for you in that category. See the brand’s 24K line for swimwear with the hand-crafted gold embellishments for which it has become renowned, then browse its broad range of one- and two-piece styles that highlight every favorite attribute under the sun.


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Victoria’s Secret

An American business of lingerie, apparel, and cosmetics called Victoria’s Secret is renowned for its very visible marketing and branding strategies. They begin with a well-known catalog and continue with an annual fashion show featuring supermodels known as Angels. The company, which is the largest lingerie retailer in the country, has struggled since 2016 as a result of changing consumer preferences and controversies over the corporate leadership’s business methods.

For stylish swimwear at a reasonable price, Victoria’s Secret has long been a favorite. Yet the fact that there are so many different styles and patterns to choose from is what makes us adore it. If you like printed swimwear, Victoria’s Secret is wonderful because the line offers so many exciting alternatives, from traditional to contemporary. Also, you can invest in the season’s greatest swimsuit styles without having to spend a lot of money on designer items because the company often has a decent swim deal.

Several models don’t offer inclusive sizing, and others don’t accommodate larger busts properly. You may quickly decide if a bathing suit is going to be the best choice for you by reading the reviews section, where customers frequently offer their thoughts.


top websites for swimsuits

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There are several reasons why Youswim is a top choice for solid-color swimwear. Secondly, the company creates swimsuits that can adapt to various body types. While one-size-fits-all swimwear is typically a warning sign, their styles manage to fit sizes 2 to 14. Nonetheless, we do wish that this size range were wider. In terms of casting, they use models with a variety of ages and physiques to display their swimwear designs. This is the only one-piece that, due to Youswim’s one-size-fits-all sizing policy, fits me perfectly and is just as comfortable.

Also, they consider the environment by using eco-friendly packaging. Over all, Youswim creates swimsuits of the highest caliber and durability. When it comes to this swimsuit line, the colors are striking, the material is supple and stretchy, and the sense of self-love is palpable.

If you don’t like a certain style, you’ll have to send it back and get the style you want to try instead. Also, a lot of the color options sell out very fast due to their popularity.

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top websites for swimsuits

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Mara Hoffman

The Mara Hoffman is also one of the websites for swimsuits. Mara Hoffman clothing line was first introduced in 2000 by New York fashion designer Mara Hoffman. Greenwashing is a serious problem, and the fashion industry is known for using smoke and mirrors to disguise its lack of commitment to sustainability. Yet Mara Hoffman is the real deal; the avant-garde designer isn’t just saying it; she lives it. Also, she creates truly excellent swimwear that varies from minimalist to risqué, in addition to her breezy yet sophisticated ready-to-wear.

Explore the globe in Mara Hoffman’s unparalleled luxury, vibrant hues, rich heritage, and bohemian beauty. Mara Hoffman’s current collections, which place a strong emphasis on original silk prints, have evolved from her swimwear and garment collections that featured hand-dyed couture pieces. The Mara Hoffman Spring/Summer 2012 collection is themed “Mexican Mamas.” This fascinating collection was influenced by the individual fashions of Mexican ladies, including the artist Frida Kahlo. These stunning clothes are embellished with vibrant, original patterns that were created in-house.

If you enjoy solid colors, white, red, blue, orange, and black have deep tones. Embroidery, weaving, and seed beading are prominently included in this pricey collection. Beautiful clothes from the Mara Hoffman collection are inspired by fantasy, travel, and the natural world.

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top websites for swimsuits

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